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Welcome to Cherub Pies fashion blog!
My name is Sarah Harris, I'm currently living in Manchester and studying a textile degree at Staffordshire University. I'll be graduating this year (can't wait!!) and I'm ready to take on the 'real world' of work. I spend most of my time looking through fashion blogs and thinking I could do this myself, so here it is! Im a big fan of charity shops, vintage shops and I love a good sale, so this is where i'll be documenting my finds and what I wear on a day to day basis. I really hope you enjoy my blog and find it inspiring.

This photo was taken on a rare sunny day in Manchester, I adore this 'Sister Jane' shirt so much, I wear it ALL the time!!! I'm a big fan of the brand SISTER JANE, but as i'm a poor student I have to wait patiently until I find the pieces I want on eBay.  But oh my it is definitely worth the wait!

Shirt by Sister Jane - eBay £20 (Bargain)

I'll be posting a lot more of Sister Jane clothing on my blog, I'm just in love with every collection :)


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