Day off

Yesterday I had a rare day off from my part time job in Manchester, so Darius and I took this opportunity and sorted a few wedding bits out, (exciting times ahead) final sale shopping and had a lovely lunch with my future in laws :)

I have so many beautiful sale finds to show you! But all in good time, Aubin and Wills is sadly closing :( but I got some lovely things yesterday. Here is my outfit from my day off.

Its finally warming up and I enjoyed some lovely sunshine throughout the day. This beaut blouse was a gift from my Mom, its not from a shop I would usually shop in as its aimed at my moms age really, however its beautiful, I love the edging its so quirky. I've teamed it with my other Sister Jane shorts, these shorts are brilliant, so comfy and they go with so many of my clothes.

I bought my brooch from a charity shop, I always where it over my top button on a blouse, I adore the sophisticated look it adds. I'm always on the hunt for a lovely vintage brooch.
My shoes are Clarks originals, they are my most comfortable shoes, slightly on the scruffy side now. (shows you how much I have worn them) 

Blouse - Eastex - £22 (Sale and gift)
Brooch - Charity Shop - £1
Sister Jane Shorts - eBay - £15
Clarks Originals - Schuh - £49.99 (sale) 


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