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Embroidery is my 'thing'
I am constantly buying books which show how to do beautiful hand and machine stitch as well as exquisite examples of existing work, whether its for interiors or fashion, but fashion mostly..
I'm in my third year of University now, the home stretch if you like. I feel overwhelmed with excitement and apprehension.

I'm starting my final project now which will be mostly hand stitch as I'm going to enter it for the Hand and Lock embroidery competition 2013. I entered it last year and was a finalist, still shocks me to this day that out of 300 applicants I was one of 12 picked to showcase our designs at the prize giving event.

Here is an example of my embroidery, so many months work in this, its definitely a labour of love. This is the collar and dress which I entered for last years competition. I used all vintage fabric and silk threads to embroider my designs. The techniques I used were: Cut work, pulled thread work, couching, satin stitch, beading and sewing with a torn fine silk fabric. 

Catherine Dineley is the photographer, she is brilliant! I told her what I wanted and she got the best out of me and the designs. She shot this on a really old camera (I have no idea what its called)

I love the photographs from this camera it has created a lovely atmosphere!
I'm going to put one of them up in my apartment soon


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