Summer Dreams

Me and winter don't go together well!
I'm far too cold all of the time, at home I constantly carry around a hot water bottle. I can't wait for summer times, wearing all my beautiful dresses again and being WARM.

Looking through my photo's from last summer in Italy to cheer be up from being so freezing. I came across this image and thought i'd share it with you. This is one of my best vintage finds. I'm a big believer of mixing vintage with high street/charity shop finds, for me wearing all vintage sort of makes people look like they are in costume, so I steer clear of this.

I found this yellow linen dress from 'Cow Vintage' in Manchester, the dress is massive! But for £12 I can deal with it and besides it looks great with a skinny belt. This photo doesn't show the detailing of the scalloped pockets, quirky details are a winner for me, making a plain linen dress a little bit special!

Whilst I was in Italy last summer, my fiance and I spent a lot of time going to all the markets in all the little towns, If you have never been go. This is where I picked up this leather bag, I've used it everyday since. I love how the leather folds over and the two tone colours. I'm not good at haggling but Darius (the fiance) is so he bought me this bag for 50euro :)

Yellow linen dress - Cow Vintage - £12
Cream skinny belt - Topshop - £18
Leather bag - Italian market - 50euro
Sandals - Camper - £32.50 (with my 50% discount)


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