Aubin frills

Last week I was lucky enough to grab a few bargains before Aubin and Wills closed down for good :)
I really like their stuff, great colour and lovely shapes. Ok it was a bit pricey but you could tell the clothes were amazing quality.

The colour of this shirt is so lovely, I like the way it looks with my hair too. Such lovely quality, it hangs beautifully. I've simply teamed it with my favourite new jeans and a woven belt, simple and effortless style.

The sales assistant told me that the owners of Aubin and Wills and Jack Wills are going to concentrate on Jack Wills for the time being, however they might bring a more sophisticated 'older' range into Jack Wills, I hope they do, it would be a shame to lose Aubin all together.

I find it quite hard to buy jeans I like them to be tight but not uncomfortable that I'm worrying about sitting down/eating and breathing. I bought these in the Urban outfitters sale a couple of weeks ago, they're by a brand called BDG. I'm so impressed the jeans are a tight fitting skinny jean, high waisted which I love because I can tuck all my shirts inside (and if you've over eaten no one can tell!!)
Thats it now, I've found my one and only denim brand!

Shirt - Aubin and Wills - £17.50
BDG Jeans - Urban Outfitters - £20
Belt - Topshop - £1 (amazing)
Boots - Whistles - £67.50


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