COS cosy

Its hair cut day :) well overdue I know!
 So before I pop over to the hairdressers I thought I'd share a new purchase, sale purchase!
(they are the best kinda purchases)

My new COS jumper <3

I adore this jumper, I adore all of their clothes really. They have such a nice silhouette and every piece of clothing in the COS collection is so easy to wear. I love that I can just throw this on and look like i've thought about it.

Aren't the little coloured speckles just beautiful? I've seen a lot of jumpers like this recently, especially in Urban Outfitters. I recommend investing in one.

My very worn Camper boots, I just can't throw them away. I love how they have worn, the deep creases and the faded dye. One of my faves for sure.

Right I can not wait any longer for my hair to be cut and all lovely again. To be honest I can't wait to see again. Watch this space for my new hair cut. (obviously if its bad i'll crop my head off!!)

Denim shirt - COW vintage - £4
COS jumper - COS - £22 (sale)
BDG jeans - Urban Outfitters - £20
Boots - Camper - £120

Have a lovely day 


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