Happy Friday

Usually I'm at uni on a Friday but as I've finished all my fashion samples for Premier Vision I've got the day off! So my day will consist of cleaning and charity shopping!
I personally think that the charity shops in Manchester are a slight let down, my favourites are outside of Manchester and also in my Mom's home town Stafford.

This beautiful dress was a Christmas gift from my beautiful little sister <3
She knows me very well, I love the colour and the lovely lace collar. The long sleeves are just perfection for these wintery days, overall this dress is very warm!!

I never usually wear really tight dresses, not because I don't like them just because I feel slightly self conscious in them. But I feel great in this, maybe its because the material is so thick and not clingy.
What a lovely gift!

My fiance always says if you find a hat that suits you buy it. Maybe he thinks hats don't suit me ha! I do love this one though. Topshop has a few variations of this style every season, to be honest I think they suit everyone. 

These shoes were a bloomin bargain, I bought them from the office outlet store in Manchester which has sadly closed down :( The woven pink leather is so pretty, I'm not going to deny it I have a thing for shoes. oops!

Dress - Topshop - Gift
Hat - Topshop - £25
Shoes - Office - £15

Have a lovely Friday everyone


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