It's a pinafore weekend

I've been so excited all weekend, packing for Paris.
I'm one of those people that checks they have their passport 10 times and still stresses about forgetting their passport. AHHH
I have now decided on another outfit for my time working in the fashionable city.
Hello Sister Jane!

My jumper is another Aubin and Wills closing down sale purchase and ever since I bought it I wanted to try it with my beloved Sister Jane Pinafore playsuit.

This petrol colour seems to go beautifully with everything, I usually wear it with a lovely orange cardigan and now I just love it with my yellow jumper. I do love playing with colour.
Be brave!

I'm trying not to take too many clothes to Paris, I'll be working at Premier Vision the whole time so I'm just taking workwear really. I think this outfit will be perfect!
My love for Sister Jane clothing is out of control, I want/need everything. I need help or a lottery win!

This will be my last post till Friday as I won't be back till then. But i'll have a belated Valentines outfit to post <3
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Sister Jane pinafore - eBay - £25
Jumper -Aubin and Wills - £17.50

Have a lovely week


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