Sunday Dress

I'm feeling so happy now that the sun is shining more often.
It's quite a rare thing for Manchester
I'd like to wear this outfit all day, but I have to go to work in a few hours.

This is a perfect dress to wear over your favourite shirt, it just goes so well! An effortless look with a quirky edge to it. This is a one size only dress and it fits so well, it's elasticated at the waist which means it can fit a range of sizes and body shapes. My main attraction to this dress was the pearl beads, but I reckon you could have guessed that :)

I do love the brand YUKI, i've had a few pieces from their collections in the past and i've always been pleased with the quality, everything is well made and feels quite special.

Sister Jane do the best shirts, I really believe this and this shirt is no exception. The graphic collars and cuffs are great and they take any outfit to that extra lovely level.

Sister Jane shirt - eBay - £20
Yuki dress - Topshop - £15 (sale)
Brogues - French Connection - £19 (sale)

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday



  1. I literally LOVE you hair, so striking!! You have a cute blog and it would be great if you could come over and check out my blog as well and maybe we could follow each other, have a lovely day doll!

    1. Thats really kind of you hun! Your blog is lovely too <3 x

  2. Following you back doll!!!


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