Vidal Sassoon

I had a lovely time at the Manchester Sassoon salon the other day.
 So happy with my haircut and I adore my hairdresser, she is ever so lovely and I trust her completely. She also supplies me with lots of biscuits!! 

I'm a massive denim fan.
I find playsuits so easy to wear and they just look so good on, so when I saw this Motel denim playsuit in the Topshop sale I didn't have to think twice about buying it. Motel has some lovely things in at the moment, I have a big wishlist. The website is really lovely, so clean and easy to find things. (Don't you just hate complicated websites!)

 Mixing vintage and high street is a big fashion must as i've said before and I just love how this vintage brooch fits so nicely under collars. 

I do live in brogues, I have quite a collection now can't wait to share them all with you. These brogues in particular were a gift from a friend. I love the brown front, they are just so quirky and comfortable.

So very glad I could share my new haircut with you, I knew my hairdresser would do a good job. To be honest it is just lovely to be able to see again. Plus I'm going to Paris on Monday so I need to make an effort, come on!

Denim playsuit - MotelRocks - £15
Brooch - Charity shop - £1
Brogues - Topshop - Gift


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