Lush red

I'm going out for a lovely lunch today and this is the perfect outfit for it!

I just love these shorts, so flattering and they dress up the outfit slightly without being over the top, its only lunch after all :)

It's still ever so cold, the wind was quite bad today you can probably tell by my crazy hair. I bought this thick knit jumper from Mango a while ago, its so warm and I often wear it over my lovely blouses. It's keeping me lovely and warm now.

Here is another one of my Mischa Barton bags, I told you I had an obsession for them. This was a gift from my twin, I love the box shape :)

I went to Liverpool this week with my little sister to check out the applicant day at the uni. I was so good, I didn't buy anything! I was after a purple lipstick but I couldn't fine one, does anyone have any recommendations? 

Blouse - Marks and Spencer - £29.50
Jumper - Mango - £29.99
Shorts - Oh my Love - £10
Shoes - Kurt Geiger - £120
Bag - Mischa Barton - Gift

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!
Nearly easter egg time <3


  1. I love the collar of the blouse, it's so unique! You look really lovely!

  2. gorgeous style lady, especially those shorts, I think we share a love of polka dots :) x

  3. You have such a cute style, I love the collar on your shirt. What shade of purple are you after?xx

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm after a nice plum colour, do you have any recommendations? xx


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