Violet and Velvet

At the bottom of my wardrobe I have a few (messy) piles of clothes.
I always forget they are there, so I had a little sort out the other day and remembered my lovely violet cords.

I hardly ever wear jeans/trousers, not purposely it's just the majority of my wardrobe is dresses and shorts. I have a 'thing' for shorts, heavens I don't know why.
But when I do wear jeans/trousers I like them to be quite tight, I just feel that baggy cuts don't suit my shape and can make me look bigger than I actually am.

I kept the colours quite dark and used my favourite dark lipstick by Artdeco which smells blooming beautiful! I've smartened up the look by tucking my sheer blouse into my cords and adding my favourite velvet jacket.

The bag and blouse are courtesy of my little sister, we did a bag swap the other day and she gave me the blouse. bless her <3

Velvet Jacket - Charity Shop - £6.99
Blouse - Topshop - Gift
Cords - Topshop - £15
Brogues - Topshop - Gift
Bag - Accessorize - Borrowed

What do you lovelies think?


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  1. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, I love the shoes as well

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  2. Wonderful outfit! I absolutely adore the bag and shoes and how the tan accents in your accessories sort of match the hair. Gorgeous! x


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