Wax Lemon

I don't know whether anyone has noticed but I have a slight obsession for yellow and pinafore dresses!
I guess yellow can sometimes be a hard colour to pull off, but just do it.

Oh hello new beautiful bag!! Have you heard of Brit-Stitch?
Well they are a British bag company that pride themselves on quality. All bags are made in Great Britain, for me this is important, I get quite excited when I find out things are made right here in GB.
Check out their website for information about the brand and where to buy.
You can also view a large range of Brit-Stitch bags directly from The Hut

The structured shape is great and the leather is just perfect, I adore the pale wax lemon colour. It's quite a big bag too, I can fit all my essentials as well as extras like my kindle and diary. The buckle is actually magnetic so I don't have to fiddle around when I'm trying to pay for a coffee.
Basically perfect, I'm excited to flaunt it around Manchester.

Here is my new pinafore dress from Boohoo. The material is lovely and thick and i'm a big fan of the pattern, however I wish the dress was a little tighter, for a size 8 it's pretty big around the waist.. I haven't had a lot of clothes from Boohoo so I don't know whether the sizing is an issue. What is your experience with the sizing?

Ah I love this outfit, I'm dying to ditch my tights and prance about in the sun in my pinafore dress and beaut bag!

Hope you are all having a lovely week

Blouse - Eastex - Gift
Pinafore dress - Boohoo - £20
Brooch - Charity shop - £1
Bag - Brit-Stitch - c/o (£90)


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  1. Love the blog and love Britstitch - gorgeous bags and fab colours. Great people to work with and all British made!
    See in our Vanilla Handbags Worthing store now!

    1. I'm in love with these bags! Thanks for the feedback


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