Bride to be

Yesterday I booked the day off work and went to my first ever wedding fair with two of my best friends who have kindly accepted the role as bridesmaids!

Vintage chic wedding fair - Birmingham!

I just had the best day and I loved being referred to as a 'bride to be'
Because of uni I haven't had chance to get into all the planning but this fair got be excited, so many lovely ideas from gorgeous cakes to an actual mail box for all your wedding cards! 

So not only did it get my mind racing with all the new ideas, I got to taste some cake and oh my I love cake on a normal day but when your testing out maybe your future wedding cake its just incredible! I'm going to get stuck in now with all my wedding stuff, I have 5 amazing bridesmaids who are so helpful and I'm ever so grateful to them for making me laugh and helping me out.
I can't wait to marry my love <3

I wanted a comfy outfit for travelling to Birmingham so I wore my new Jaeger skirt which I bought from the outlet store in cheshire oaks, its a size too big but I couldn't resist it! I'll just take it in when I have some time. I've teamed my new skirt with my lovely paisley blouse and Aubin and Wills quilted jumper.

Oh hello new necklace, this was also a purchase from Cheshire Oaks from the Hobbs store :) Its delish.
What does everyone think of my Hermes bracelets? They are my babies and they make me happy!!

Blouse - Marks and Spencer - £17
Jumper - Aubin and Wills - Gift
Necklace - Hobbs - £6
Skirt - Jaeger - £32

Hope you all have a lovely week
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  1. You look so lovely! I'm just starting wedding planning as well - trying to figure out our venue! The wedding fair sounds like a blast, I'm glad you had a good time! I'm excited to hear more!

    1. Thank you hun! I hope you have fun planning your wedding :) x

  2. I am in love with those bracelets! All the best with the wedding as well :) x


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