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Did any of you buy the Oh my Love Groupon voucher?
I hope you did, it was a bloody good deal. I paid £20 for a £50 voucher.
I treated myself to a lovely velvet dress and this gorgeous mint jumper.

You know when you have money to spend and you just can't decide what to buy? Yeah that happened to me with this voucher. I religiously went on Oh my Love's website daily since purchasing the voucher and just couldn't choose between a few items. In the end I went back to the jumper and dress I'd lusted after a while ago.

The jumper is delicious, its thick and great quality, it's one of those jumpers you just have to touch!

My vintage pink blouse is just the sweetest thing in the world! I'm going to do another post with this blouse soon so show off the cute pleats and box fit.

Back home and back to reality after a few days with the family. I have a lot of sewing to do at home, and this is a perfectly comfortable outfit for just that.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Chocolate is my religion and I had a lot of sweet treats, it was amazing!

Vintage blouse - eBay - 99p
Jumper - Oh my Love - Groupon Voucher
BDG jeans - Urban Outfitters - £20
Shoes - Camper - £110

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  1. SO pretty! Love the combination of colours in this outfit :)


  2. The green sweater is really, really lovely! I am so jealous of the deal you grabbed!


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