Wind swept

Shooting my new favourite dress was rather fun in this wind.
My hair is on the wild side but I kinda like it and if it makes you laugh well i'm happy with that!

I've wanted this dress for bloomin ages but I had to wait till pay day, I was so thankful that the tartan dress was still in stock when I could afford it.

It is the first time I've ordered anything from Mod dolly and the customer service is faultless. This dress is amazing quality too, I always have to check how well made clothing is especially because of my textile background.

 The fabric is lovely and thick and irons well. Now the colour, it is just to die for, I love it. The styling is effortless with a black blouse and my favourite YSL red lipstick, What do you think?

Dress - Mod dolly - £25
Blouse - Marks and Spencer - old

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