American Apparel

I can't even describe how long I've wanted the American Apparel riding pants!
However, I was not willing to pay £65. The prices are just ridiculous in that shop, but I still go in and just love everything. 
My Fiancé was working away in New York a couple of weeks ago and he found an outlet shop and picked up these navy riding pants for $50 which is roughly about £32! Now thats more like it.

These riding pants are super comfy and warm, I have a feeling I'm going to be living in these in the winter months. I've teamed them with my loved Oh My Love rose top, which I bought last year. Oh My Love have a wine colour version here. I must have the wine colour in my wardrobe at some point.

Top - Oh My Love
Riding Pants - American Apparel
Shoes - Dr Martens
Necklace - Hobbs


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  1. Such a great look, I love your jumper, I have the same in black, such a great staple piece!

    1. Oh I'm so jealous of your black rose top! I need them in every colour <3

  2. Wow, a cup of coffee with you in your rose top. Great eye-catcher. A rose is a rose is a rose.

  3. We are going to visit Manchester next week. Sorry, we are only stupid potato germans. But i hope that you wil be on the cover of vogue :-) One of our favourite places in Man is the IMAX.Ok, the steps to the premiere seats are/is (i dont know) a very dangoures catwalk. So sad, that they took away the "eye". I think they moved it to Leeds. So one more international follower of your DressArtBlog.

  4. LOL. You bought the rose top in march. But your hair looks always like a nice autumn leaf.

  5. So, are you the only rose left in your garden ? And what is the name of the dog in your jungle ? I hope he doesnt prefer cup cakes.

  6. ok, all postings were off-topic, because you introduced your new lovely riding pant. Why not combining a riding pant with a horse necklace ? That would make sense. I would like to see you wearing necklaces with symbols like hearts oder symbol of fortunes. They should have a meaning and message and : They must be expensive. Please contact your fiance. Christmas market opened this weekend in Manchester. I am looking forward to see the big Santa Claus again. Have a nice week!


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