Review : Fitbit

Okay, so this is a first for me, a review about something that isn't fashion related,
 but I feel so passionate about my new gadget that I need to share it with you.
Have you heard of Fitbit?

The Fitbit flex is an activity and sleep tracker wristband, it tracks how many steps you walk in a day and once you've hit your target 10,000 steps (you can set different targets) it vibrates and does a happy flashing lights dance over the screen, which puts a smile on my face!

You can check the Fitbit app throughout the day to track your progress and see how many calories your burning. Having the Fitbit on my wrist is a nice little reminder to keep on moving and burn those calories.

When I'm working I can't check the app, so I  simply double tap the face of my wristband and lights come up indicating the percentage of steps I have already achieved that day. Winner.
The other great thing about the wristband is the silent alarm, it vibrates to wake you up...Love that.

I guess the only bad things with the Fitbit wristband is well its not that fashionable but I can deal with that. It doesn't show the time and you have to take it off to charge it, only minor things.

So lets get fit for Christmas :)

Fitbit Flex - - £79.99


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