Oversized Bryn - Mulberry Bag

Hello Cherubs!
Last week I had a girlie shopping day at Cheshire Oaks.
I treated myself a little too much with this gorgeous Mulberry bag.
I'm not sorry!

I love the structured shape of the Bryn, I went for the oversized because I literally never have a small bag, I would not be able to fit anything in it.
The leather is so thick and feels amazing quality, I can't recommend them enough. This is my first 'designer' bag and its definitely worth the pennies. Buying it from the outlet store means I can save a whole lot of money but still get a perfect Mulberry. The outlet stores stock bags which are a year behind full price stores basically two seasons behind.

I chose the petrol colour because its just so beaut and it will fit in nicely with my winter wardrobe but also my summer wardrobe. I purchased some leather spray to keep it in excellent condition.
I had a great shopping day at Cheshire Oaks, the staff were lovely and I have a new baby :)

Jumper - Vintage
Skirt - Whistles
Bracelets - Hermes
Necklace - Everours
Bag - Mulberry


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  1. What do you think about "George" ?
    Last month i bought a jeans for only 5 pounds.
    So what are your plans this year ?
    Are you going to design something?
    Creating an own label ?
    Becoming a journalist for trend magazines ?
    Where or what is Cheshire Oaks ?
    So, Happy Weekend !

    1. Jeans for £5 is a bargain! Cheshire Oaks is an outlet village, lots of lovely shops stocking latest and last seasons clothes and accessories for a nicer price :) Its only a 30min drive out of Manchester. I'm currently doing a tambour course so who knows what this year will bring, what about you?

  2. * Good morning,
    so Germany has a new jungle queen. Next country will be GB.
    I made a new invention: "Cherub Bingo"
    Every reply on a comment is Bingo !

    1. This made me laugh! I quite like Cherub bingo, but you can just email me...

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