Perfect vintage knit

Hi Cherubs!

The torrential rain and dark days makes hard work for bloggers let me tell you! That being said i'm quite impressed with how these photos turned out. (hats off to the photographer and my editing skills) I took these photos inside because lets face it the drowned rat look is not ideal.

I had a great shopping day in Manchester last week with my friend where we explored the northern quarter ate some delicious food and shopped a little more. I picked up this gorge jumper in Retro Rehab which is situated on Oldham Street. Its a perfect Vintage boutique, lovely atmosphere and carefully selected vintage pieces.  My jumper is the perfect peach colour and has a beaut shine to it, it also only cost me £5. Cheers to that!

Jumper - Retro Rehab
Skirt - Whistles
Shoes - Senso

Love Sarah

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  1. Good Morning Sarah,
    i didnt want to leave without saying that i admire the quality of your photos. If your sister take them, than she is very skillfull and got a lot of talent. Some photos seem to be timeless and must be valued as art. If you want to run a business than you could sell them.
    Viele Grüße from Germany,
    Your potato.


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