Ta Da - Wedding hair

Hi Cherubs,

Well its a week till the big day and I've had my hair cut and coloured ready for the wedding. As promised I have some pics of my hair.
I went to Sassoon Salon in Manchester this morning and had my hair coloured with Chloe and cut with Melissa! I had a delish coffee and a lovely chat with everyone...the staff are just brill and ever so friendly (they also provide a killer head massage too).

The brief for my hair colour was: subtle softer red/brown (a slight change from my bright red) and a little trim to freshen up my bob!

 Melissa and I <3

Pretty much in love with my new colour, it warms up my skin tone, and its just more fresh. I love having a slight change I didn't want to have anything drastic and look like someone else on my wedding day, and the ladies at Sassoon have done such a great job. 
Melissa also put some soft curls into my hair which is new for me and i'm a big fan, now if only I could do this myself! 

A big thank you to Sassoon Salon for giving me perfect wedding hair

Merry Christmas everyone <3

Love Sarah

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  1. Love it ! Love it ! Love it !
    Wow ! Wow ! Wow !
    Fantastic ! Fantastic ! Fantastic !
    All stars of the milkyway for your new haircut.
    Very Viel Glück for your weeding !

    Your potato :-)

    (I love the coloured curly bob for wedding, too)


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