Hey Feb

Hi Cherubs

I'm feeling pretty happy about it being February, I adore the start of a new month mainly because I've just been paid and I can now buy things again.
I've spent a few squids in the final reductions, I have a fab pair of shoes coming from Zara and a few new knits from Whistles.
February also means HONEYMOON for me! Yep Valentines weekend in Vienna because we're just that romantic. 

This cashmere delight was mine for £35, that's a deal right there.
I'm also wearing a gorgeous necklace from one of my fave jewellery brands, Mirabelle.
This palm tree is super cute, its so dainty and perfect to wear with my new knits.
Take a look at their website and prepare to fall deeply in love, I spied a Cherub necklace which needs to be around my neck asap.

Jumper - Whistles
Necklace - Mirabelle
Skirt - American Apparel
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Love Sarah


  1. Just found your blog and really like it, your outfit is so nice- simple but stylish x
    Feel free to check out our latest post :)

    1. Thank you hun! Just checked out your lasted post, such a great make up look xx


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