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Hello cherubs!

Welcome to my new blog! It's taken me all day to do, I bought a layout after a little inspiration from a fellow fabulous blogger and because I am so rubbish at html it probably took me longer than the rest of the savvy bloggers out there.
However I am so happy with it, I hope it is easier to navigate and looks proper posh to my readers!

Anyway I am finally all settled in my new home in Cupertino, I'm loving the weather and all the american grub, although i'm running everyday so don't worry about those lbs!
I bought this panelled skirt from Whistles before I moved out here, I thought it would be a perfect piece to run around San Fran in and then go out for a lovely dinner (I haven't actually done that yet though) The oxford shirt is a perfect pairing for a sophisticated ensemble.

I've also decided to grow out my fringe so this is why i'm plaiting it out of my face, I kinda love it <3

Shirt - Zara
Skirt - Whistles

Love Sarah

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