How I look after my skin

Hi Cherubs!

Today I am talking about my world of skincare, its a complex and cluttered place with products promising the earth and resulting in misery and wasted hard earned cash.

I've always had ok skin, but about a year ago my skin decided to develop acne and I have no idea why. I was using any products I could get my hands on just to try and get rid of those horrid spots.

I've heard some pretty good things about Dermalogica, so I decided to strip out all the crazy products I was using and follow a system designed for combination and acne prone skin.

Dermal Clay Cleanser - My favourite product out of the bunch! I use this morning and night to give my skin a deep clean, calm my skin and rid my skin of excess oils. After application my skin feels slightly tingly and refreshed.

Multi-active Toner - This is a lovely spray toner which is ultra light and refreshing. I've never used a spray toner before but this one is great and perfect for prepping skin for your daily creams. You can also use this throughout the day to give your skin extra hydration.

Oil Free Matte - The holy grail of moisturisers, I have an oily t-zone and this product keeps my skin matte all day long. Its lightweight and a little goes a long way. I would recommend this to absolutely everyone.

Overnight Clearing Gel - I never really bothered with a night cream but this overnight gel helps to clear skin and prevent future breakouts. Ingredients like tea tree oil a natural antiseptic soothes your skin while you sleep. Its perfect and I really think this has helped clear my skin.

Gentle Cream Exfoliant - This is actually a masque and I use this twice a week by simply applying a thin layer over my face and neck and leaving it to do some magic on my skin for 10 mins. I love applying a masque and using it as part of my routine as I feel like i'm really looking after my skin, its the perfect refresher and leaves my skin looking dare I say it, radiant!

My skin has never looked better and the main man in my life has even complimented me on my skin which is honestly so lovely to hear as I hated my skin.

What are your favourite lotions and potions? I hope you have found this post useful <3

Love Sarah

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