Azil Boutique

Hi Cherubs!

So I spent last weekend in San Francisco shopping, eating and seeing friends and whilst wandering the beautiful streets of SF I came across Azil Boutique. Jewellery is just my fave and this store has the most gorge handmade pieces. Check out their online store here

Aren't they just beautiful? I love mixing metals and this rose gold plated ring sits so nicely next to the sterling silver X ring. I'll probably be in SF next month and will have to make a visit to see what else I need in my life <3

Stone ring - Azil Boutique
X ring - Azil Boutique


  1. i love the rings!! if i'm ever in SF, im definitely stopping by! the rose gold plated ring is so beautiful. i'm dying


    1. Glad you love them! I could have spent a fortune! Sarah

  2. Beautiful rings , stylish! :)

  3. Their jewellery is so pretty. I love the rings you chose.
    Sunset Desires

  4. Those rings are sooo gorge! Too bad I'm stuck here in the rainy UK!

    Jess, hi freckles x


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