Luisaviaroma - Luxury bag wish list

Hi Cherubs!

I know luxury bags aren't everyones cuppa tea but for me they are utter perfection. The feeling that I got when I purchased my first designer bag was so special and I can not wait to add to my collection. My birthday is approaching...kind of (September) and I want to start thinking about which designer bag I'm going to take the plunge and give a warm loving home to. 

1. Chloé faye leather bag - Luisaviaroma | 2. Givenchy antigona leather bag - Luisaviaroma |
3. Valentino rockstud leather bag - Luisaviaroma | 4. Gucci dionysus gg bag - Luisaviaroma |
5. Fendi contrasting edge leather bag - Luisaviaroma | 6. Stella McCartney falabella bag- Luisaviaroma

Luisaviaroma is the perfect one-stop online store for the best designer bags, when I have nothing better to do you'll find me scrolling through page after page of beautiful bags that I need in my life. But which one do I choose? 

I hope you've enjoyed this post, please let me know which is your favourite!

Love Sarah

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