My top 3 favourite scents

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Today I am going to be sharing with you my favourite scents of all time. I am a big lover of perfumes and I love treating myself to a new bottle of my ultimate faves.  I love that certain smells can take you back to a specific moment or remind you of someone. Let me know which scents you adore and why you love them so much <3

1 | Hermès - Eau Des Merveilles - $108 | I am now running low on my 3rd bottle so i'll have to purchase another very soon! My husband bought my very first bottle a few years back for valentines day, it was extremely thoughtful because I'd wanted it for a long time but I couldn't afford it at the time! So this scent reminds me of my wonderful husband who always surprises me <3 Now the scent is very woody and has a masculine edge to it which I bloody love. I use this very sparingly but it lasts all day long! If you're looking for an elegant and sophisticated perfume I would highly recommend Hermès, it's worth the money and you will get so many compliments!  My little sister is also a big fan of eau des merveilles too. Shop it here

2 | Tom Ford - Black Orchid - $165 | This is the newest addition to my collection and one that I enjoy wearing a lot. The iconic art deco bottle sits so nicely on my vanity, it just oozes luxury. Again this is another woody scent with black orchid and black plum, a truly timeless scent that I will repurchase once i've made my way through 100ml. I bought this at the airport when we first moved to San Francisco 8 months ago and when I put this on i'm instantly taken back to that moment of excitement about our future. Very expensive but worth every penny, shop it here

3 | Mugler - Alien - $80 | The first time I smelt Alien was when my little sister was wearing it and I instantly fell in love. Its so distinctive and I can always tell when someone is wearing it. Shockingly this is another woody scent (I honestly didn't know I was a woody smell kinda gal until I picked out my top 3 scents ha) but this also has a vanilla note to it which I adore as I am such a vanilla girl! As you have probably guessed this scent reminds me of my little sister bless her cotton socks! Shop Alien here

Leave your favourites in the comments I'd love to know!

Love Sarah

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