Birthday Bag | Saint Laurent Paris

Hi Cherubs!

Well well well, today is my birthday which means I'm another year older but I get to eat cake and lust over my new handbag all day! I mean isn't she beautiful?

I'm not gonna lie to you guys I have been using this bag for approx 2 months because my husband is just too nice and let me have it early, but since today is my actual birthday I thought I would share it with you all. I have been after a designer bag for a while, something that would stand the test of time, don't get me wrong I absolutely love the trend led Instagram famous bags but since I can't afford that lifestyle something timeless felt right to me and my husbands wallet!

When I saw the Saint Laurent medium Moujik bag is was actually love at first sight, a classic shape, a classic colour and who can resist that luxe grain leather? I picked the one with gold hardware because I tend to wear a lot of gold and it just suits my style more. I don't think I will ever own a small bag, like how do you fit all your crap that you don't need in it? The medium size is great for all my things and it doesn't feel too big either ah I just adore it. Grain leather wears so nicely too and you don't have to worry about marks showing up over time.

Okay i'm gonna shut up about it now, but I feel totally spoilt and I just wanted to share my new love with you all!

If you fancy a nosy online at this little number the link is here

Love Sarah


Thank you for reading, I absolutely love reading your comments <3

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