Birthday Wishlist

Hi Cherubs!

On Monday (12th) I will be 27 years old ahhh, I guess this means I should stop telling people I am 25 now. Oops! I am not gonna lie I love presents and I love treating myself to gifts on my birthday, so I thought I'd compile a list of things that I am eyeing up for my special day!

1. Pink shirt jacket - Daisy Street | 2. Smooth shampoo & Conditioner - Ouai | 3. Tonal Jumper - & other stories | 4. Black leather sandals - Jaggar Footwear | 5. Pink lens sunglasses - Quay Australia | 6. Silver wallet - YSL |

This is a dreamy wishlist! I really wanna purchase the Jaggar sandals but they have sold out of my size, isn't that the worst birthday luck! I am also intrigued to try the Ouai shampoo and conditioner by ultimate hair babe Jen Atkin!

Happy Birthday to the September crew!

Love Sarah

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