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Back with a new beauty post, this time talking about one of my fave hair care brands Philip Kingsley. One of my best friends who just so happens to be an amazing hairdresser (Melissa i'm talking about you) introduced me to this brand a few years ago and I've been using their products ever since. 

Philip Kingsley - Flaky/itchy scalp shampoo | Every so often when I'm super stressed I get an incredibly itchy scalp and when this occurs the first thing I reach for is this product! It just works! I find this shampoo extremely gentle on my skin/hair and it soothes my itchy scalp from the first wash. The scent is also very gentle which I love, I'm not big on overly scented chemicals on my skin. I don't use this shampoo all the time just when I get a flare up so it tends to last me a long time. If you suffer with an itchy scalp you should give this product a go! Buy it here

Philip Kingsley - Daily damage defence | Since growing my hair it has been impossible to not notice the split ends and frizz increase from using more heat. I actually received a sample of this product in a beauty box and loved it! It smells so good and its quite a lightweight product so it doesn't weigh my hair down and look lifeless. I recently purchased the full size version because I loved it that much, it definitely tames my frizz and its nice knowing that my hair is protected when I'm styling my do! Buy it here

Have you tried Philip Kingsley before? Which product should I try next?

Love Sarah

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