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Hi Cherubs!

After falling head over heels for Mario Badescu's drying lotion (read that post here) I decided to try more from the range as I had finished all my other products. I love switching up my routine every couple of months because then you can discover new amazing things that do great things for your face, also I adore blogging about skincare it's my absolute fave!

Enzyme Cleansing Gel | I've been using this as my second cleanse to rid my face of any remaining make up and dirt morning and night. This is a very gentle product that has been amazing at reducing shine (we all know how much I hate shine) and leaving my skin super clean! This cleanser smells fresh and fruity but not at all invasive so wonderful for everyday use. I love that on every product there is a box which tells you which skin type they recommend for use, this one in particular is good for all skin types. Mario Badescu is such an affordable skin care brand for such quality products and everything is cruelty free which is so important to me! You can buy this cleanser here for $14

Cucumber Cleansing Lotion | There are so many toners to choose from by Mario Badescu, I went for the cucumber cleansing lotion because its recommended for oily skin. Often I find after using toners my skin feels quite dry and tight but this is much less harsh and my skin feels soft and looks healthy. Now I love the smell of this product it has a spa like smell if you know what I mean? I just feel like I'm really treating myself when I use this and its only $15. I'm looking forward to trying more in the range! Buy here 

Strawberry Face Scrub | I love this scrub! I'm a major strawberry fan and this smells delicious so I was extremely eager to use this product. Its a very mild exfoliator which uses strawberry seeds to gently buff away dry skin, it makes my skin feel bloody gorgeous. I tend to use this twice a week to give my skin a refresh, its also an important step to ensure your make up goes on flawless! There are lots of scrubs on offer by Mario Badescu including a raspberry body scrub which I need asap! Buy here

Please let me know in the comments which are your favourite products!!

Love Sarah


  1. Their drying lotion is really so great at targeting zits! I haven't tried much else from their line so thanks for all the recs! That strawberry scrub sounds scrumptious :D

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

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