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I have never tried Argan Oil before but I have seen many bloggers/magazines boast about its benefits and how amazing its been for them, so when I received an email from Actually Organic offering to send me a sample I just had to accept. One of the main reasons I accepted was due to the in depth research Actually Organic went through to find the purest source of Argan Oil, it just makes me feel good using a top quality product with no nasties!

Argon Oil, beauty, products, anti wrinkles, skin brightening

Actually Organic, Argon Oil, skincare, Beauty blogger, hair mask

A lot of Argan Oils on the market are not always as pure as you think they're gonna be but with this product there is no bad odour, no preservatives, and no chemicals...Thats a lot of no's! Just pure goodness for your face, body and hair! I love the spray bottle too, so much easier than using a dropper! 

I've been testing out this oil for a few weeks and my favourite use for it is a hair mask, if you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that I'm a little obsessed at the moment with hair masks. I simply apply a few pumps of oil to my dry hair focusing on the ends, then I either braid or tie my hair up and get on with some work. Next do two shampoos and a good conditioner and you are done. (Argan Oil is meant to be great for a flaky scalp FYI) I adore the way my hair looks and feels after this process.

I have also added this into my night time skincare routine, after cleansing and toning I add a tiny amount and work it into my skin in circular motions, once its absorbed I add my normal moisturiser. This has been so great for my winter skin as its been a little on the dry side, my skin is hydrated and firmer by morning.  

You can also use Argan Oil for your body, if you suffer with any skin conditions I would recommend giving this a go as its meant to be 👌

Have you used Argan Oil before?

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