New gym gear to motivate your workout

Hi Cherubs!

Hows that new year new me coming along? We're half way through January and if your needing a little boost to get your ass to the gym then just take a look at my wishlist! Sometimes all you need is to spruce up your kit for a little motivation. It works for me 💪

1. Sheer panel run tight - Black - Lululemon | 2. Rainbow stripe top and tights - multi - Free People | 3. Sports bra - Black - Lululemon | 4. Bloom run jacket - Purple - Stella McCartney | 5. Logo sweat top - Grey - Stella McCartney | 6. Nike air max zero - Beige - Nike | 7. Logo print top - Grey - Puma |

ASOS have an actual activewear section on their website now FYI! Bye money it was nice knowing you... But seriously the Free People rainbow matching set is calling my name right now, I can deffo see myself rocking up to a SoulCycle class in it feeling so sassy!

Hope your having a perfect week!

See last weeks wish list here

Love Sarah

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