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This Friday I thought I would write about my long relationship with Urban Decay all nighter setting spray, I've been using this product for over 5 months now and I'm probably on my 4th bottle too so I feel like I really know the product and therefore I can share it with you guys!

Urban Decay, Make up, Setting spray, Oily skin, Luxury, Sephora, bbloggers, Beauty review

Urban Decay, Make up, Setting spray, Luxury, Sephora, Bbloggers, Beauty review

I know I've mentioned this before but I'll just reiterate so you know how this product works on my skin type. My skin has always been quite oily but recently its been feeling slightly dry in places too, but I'm in a good place with combating shine and flaky skin with my skincare routine and my final step which is the all nighter setting spray!

Once I have finished my make up and I know for sure that my mascara is dry (trust me if you don't wait till its dry you'll have a mascara mess to clean up) I spray the Urban Decay setting spray in an X and a T motion over my make up around 10" away from my face, then I patiently wait and flap my hands around my face for like 30 seconds and voila I'm all set for the day.

The spray itself is a fine mist and doesn't disrupt your make up and it feels quite refreshing, once you get near the end of your bottle I would just stop using it as the spray is less mist like and more spit like and will leave water marks and smears on your make up, It's a shame this happens as I like to use  every last drop of my products but it definitely hasn't put me off all the same. 

I have to talk about the smell of the spray and I wonder if anyone else agrees with me, when I first smelt this product and still to this day it reminds me of fresh lettuce leaves....anyone else? I don't think this is a bad thing, I actually quite like the smell and it deffo beats a highly chemical stench any day! 

I can't say this spray makes my make up last 16 hours because I never wear my make up that long, I think the longest is probably 10 hours and by that time my make up still looks good. With this product my make up doesn't cake or settle into my fine lines around my eyes, thumbs up! My skin is also matte for most of the day which I think is down to the alcohol which I spied in the ingredients list, however my skin doesn't feel dry at all. By the end of the day I am slightly shiny on my forehead but not nearly as bad as it would be without wearing the setting spray. I would feel totally comfortable working all day and then going out for dinner without touching up my make up in between and that definitely is a real testament to the product.

I have already repurchased this product several times and I will continue to do so, I haven't found a product nearly as good. As always I would love to hear your recommendation for setting prays to test out too!

Urban Decay all nighter setting spray - $15 - Ulta Beauty

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