Gender reveal + 20 week pregnancy update

Hi Cherubs!

I have a super excited post for you today as I am going to be announcing the gender of my little one and updating you on how my pregnancy is going now that I am halfway through it. The second trimester so far seems to be going pretty quickly and thats fine by me as I'm eager to get started on the nursery and of course meet my baby.

Now onto to the reveal....

gender reveal, its a girl, pregnancy blog, pregnant blogger, 20weeks, fashion, fblogger

Gender reveal, It's a girl, pregnancy blog, 20 weeks, fashion, fbloggers, maternity

pink balloons, gender reveal, its a girl, fbloggers, fashion, maternity, pregnancy blog

its a girl, pink balloons, gender reveal, maternity, pregnancy blog, 20 weeks, fashion

It's a girl 💕💕💕
We are over the moon excited and can not wait to meet her in December! Obviously we would have been happy either way and to be honest I had a feeling from the very start that I was having a boy and I have no idea why! But anyway I can now start buying more clothes and getting the nursery started, I have purchased the crib which I will be making this week just because I'm too excited. I also want to buy a dresser pretty soon so I can start organizing all the baby stuff (which is a lot)

20 week update

The best thing about being half way through my pregnancy is that I can now feel my baby move, at first it felt like delicate popping sensations and as the weeks have moved on the feelings have got a lot stronger and more noticeable. My husband actually felt her move for the first time last week too and it got me feeling super emotional to the point where I was fighting back the tears (I'll blame it on the hormones!) So now that I can feel her move I am more relaxed that the pregnancy is progressing well, I get stressed in between appointments which are 4 weeks apart because I guess anything could happen and I wouldn't necessarily know, so when I have a check up and they use the doppler its a big stress relief for me. 

I had my scan last week and it was great to see how much bigger baby was and to see her move about. However, after checking over my placenta and going into detail with babys organs my technician told me I have to come back at 24 weeks for a growth ultrasound because she was concerned about my placenta. My doctor has since emailed me to explain that they saw a blood clot which looked like it was resolving but they need to monitor it just to be on the safe side. I do feel a little on edge but my doctor isn't worried so I just need to stay calm and healthy and hopefully things will be ok. 

My stomach has grown so much, it feels so tight and round and I much prefer this phase of pregnancy where you can actually tell I'm pregnant. My belly button is starting to feel tight and I can see the beginnings of the dark line appearing down the centre of my stomach. I am using a few different products to prevent stretch marks which I will review in a post soon, but I'm not bothered really, I'm just happy I  can feel her moving around happily and if I get some stretch marks at the end then so be it.

Thats it for my gender reveal and update!

Love Sarah


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