How I keep fit during pregnancy & What I wear

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Since the very beginning of my pregnancy I have tried really hard to be as active as possible for the health of myself and my growing baby. I'm not going to pretend its been easy because it definitely hasn't. Especially at the start when I was feeling terribly sick and exhausted all day long, but the second trimester the sickness vanished my tiredness eased up a little, I still have to have a power nap in the afternoon to prevent zombie Sarah for the rest of the day. Growing a baby is hard!

I have been loving yoga during my pregnancy and I attend a local CorePower studio where I practice the C1 (unheated) class 3 times a week. My teachers have been amazing throughout this journey and are incredibly knowledgeable about what I can and can't do at different stages of pregnancy, I wanted to keep up on regular classes rather than prenatal as I still wanted and needed a proper workout. Its fast paced and by the end of class I am dripping with sweat! 

Another way of adding easy exercise into my week is simply just going for walks, there is a gorgeous park near to where I live which is great for a brisk morning walk. Or instead of driving to the supermarket or nail salon I walk instead, its a 20 min walk both ways so an easy way of getting those steps in. Also I notice after I sit down after I've been for a walk baby girl moves around a lot and I love that feeling! 

Finally, on the weekends I go on a hike with my husband which has become a bit of a tradition now. We did this before I got pregnant and have kept at it because its a lovely way of spending some quality time together. I am deffo a lot slower now at hiking because I get out of breath super easy (pregnancy problems) but every little helps!

Now onto my outfit! I bought a few tops in the Sweaty Betty sale which is actually my first time purchasing anything from them so I was intrigued to see if the quality matched their price tag! And it does, the tops are gorgeous and extremely soft that I just want to live in them all day. I'm wearing a size L and I have lots of room for my growing bump too.
The maternity leggings are from Ingrid & Isabel and they are also extremely soft and comfortable, they fit over the bump and have a lot of give so hopefully these will last the remaining 4 months of pregnancy. 

Leggings - Ingrid & Isabel
Bag - American Apparel

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