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My blog has definitely taken on a new direction since being pregnant and I am so excited to grow and adapt my work to motherhood and things that are helping make my life easier. Since being pregnant my boobs have gone from a small B cup to a D (close to DD) and while many of you would think that was great it has been a big pain for me. I liked my small boys, clothes fit better and they didn't give me any discomfort in my back. 

With my new larger friends I had to buy some new bras and I looked on ASOS and picked up some nursing bras figuring that they will be comfortable and last me throughout pregnancy and after when I need them for breastfeeding. I ordered 2 bras from the same brand, one was slightly too small and the other slightly too big, but I kept them anyway and just put up with it because I was desperate at the time. I was actually pretty miserable wearing those, I couldn't wait till the end of the day when I could take them off, they dug into my back/ribs and didn't enhance my new fuller breasts at all. 

When Bravado Designs got in touch with me to see if I wanted to try out some of their range I didn't reply straight away, instead I asked my friend who is currently preggers with her second child if she'd heard of the brand before. She got quite excited and said it was the only brand she wore for her first pregnancy and she'd been wearing them again ever since finding out about her second. 

Now onto the review after that longwinded intro, but I just wanted to give you guys a bit of background on my miserable boobs! 

Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra*

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Navy bra, Nursing bra, maternity bra, Underwear, Pregnant blogger, pregnancy must haves, Bravado designs

Bravado Designs, Maternity bra, Nursing bra, Pregnant blogger, Breastfeeding essentials

I should mention that I measured myself again before placing my order using the directions on the Bravado Designs site which were super easy to follow and everything I received fit me perfectly. So if you are unsure or just curious I would recommend their sizing tool and video.

The gorgeous Limited edition color in Twilight called my name so I tried this one on first. It deffo has a sports bra kind of vibe but with hook and eye bra closure to the back. I love the wide band with the rib detailing and the high coverage cup, it gives a lot of support which should help ease my back pain from my weighty boobs! Also its great that there is 4 hook and eye length options so you can choose how tight or loose you want the fit, I'm currently using it on the last latch but hopefully once I'm done with the pregnancy and loosing my baby weight I'll be able to go down in length and still feel comfortable. 

This is a nursing bra so it does come with the classic clip down cup for easy access for breastfeeding, but I think most pregnant women ditch their normal bras and opt for nursing bras for the comfort and support. As I said earlier my boobs have been such a pain for me my whole pregnancy, I've had back pain, my clothes don't fit right and I just couldn't wait to take my bra off at the end of the day because they irritated me so much. When I first tried this bra on I got quite emotional. I was upset that I'd spent 6 months of my pregnancy in a lot of discomfort because of my breasts and just trying this seamless nursing bra on I already felt 100x better. I was texting my friend about it and she said well you've got 3 months now of happy boobs and she is completely right! It may not be the sexiest looking bra but I couldn't care less now, comfort all the way, its simple, sleek and I really enjoy wearing it. My husband really likes it too!

I should also mention that the fabric is extremely soft and stretchy, it moulds perfectly over those lady lumps! $49 and worth every dollar... I'm going to treat myself to another one I just can't decide between the grey and the pink, help?

Buttercup Nursing Bra*

Bravado designs, Nursing bra, Maternity bra, Breastfeeding essentials, pregnancy, Pregnant blogger

Bravado Designs, Buttercup nursing bra, nursing bra, maternity bra, breastfeeding essentials, Pregnant blogger

Bravado Designs, Black nursing bra, maternity bra, pregnancy, Breastfeeding must haves,  Pregnant blogger

This style is definitely more of what I'm used to, it just looks like a normal bra to be honest, the only giveaway being the nursing clips. The cup comes down all the way which I should imagine is a big bonus for breastfeeding. Again the fabric is amazingly soft and it washes well FYI! I love the rose gold accents and the little bow between the cups. It has a pretty structured shape and gives you great looking boobs in your clothes, kinda looks like there is under wire but there isn't which is a big plus as they can be quite uncomfortable. This bra also comes with a back extender which I've never seen before but I've kept it safe because you never know what the next 3 months will bring especially when I am partial to a croissant of two!

This style fits like a dream and moulds perfectly to my shape with no gaping anywhere. It feels supportive too and I can wear all day without counting down the hours until I can put my pjs on! Priced at $52 but again worth it for feeling comfortable.

Body Silk Seamless Nursing Cami*

Bravado designs, Nursing cami, Black nursing cami, Breastfeeding essentials, pregnancy blog

Black nursing cami, Bravado designs, Breastfeeding essentials, Pregnant blogger, Pregnancy,

Nursing cami, Breastfeeding essentials, Maternity wear, Pregnant Blogger, Pregnancy

A nursing cami is definitely an essential that I've been missing. You have the Body Silk Nursing Bra and a cami all in one, it fits exactly the same as the bra (the most comfortable thing ever!!!) and its flattering on my bump. Its all seamless too so you can wear it discreetly layered under your clothes or just on its own if you are constantly boiling hot like me. I think this will be a key piece for me as I'm having a winter baby so I can wear it under sweaters or shirts and still feel cosy whilst I'm feeding my little lady. Again it moulds perfectly to my body with no gaping, you can also change the straps to criss cross if you want to hide them under your clothes, you can do this with all the bras btw.

This cami is priced at $55 which I think is great as you get a top and bra in one. I will probably get another one of these too in black just for keeping me warm in the winter months whilst I'm breastfeeding.

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Thank you to Bravado Designs for the lovely gift! I had almost given up on finding a comfortable nursing bra. If you are currently pregnant or nursing I honestly can't recommend them enough. If you just buy one then I recommend the Body Silk Seamless Nursing bra, your boobs will be so happy!

Love Sarah


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