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Hi Cherubs!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! If you follow me on Instagram (sarahsatongar) you may have seen what I got up to. We travelled to Half Moon bay which is only a short drive from us but there was major traffic because they have lots of halloween events going on along with endless pumpkin patches, it's pretty impressive! It was so nice going to the beach and it being cooler, I've been dying to wear a jacket for ages now, California problems! We also found a fish and chip shop not totally authentic but close! All in all a great weekend!

Now on to this weeks pregnancy outfit 💗

Topshop, Maternity, Pregnancy blog, 35 weeks pregnant, Pregnancy blog, Black and white, OOTD

Topshop, Black & white, OOTD, pregnancy, Maternity outfit, 35 weeks pregnant, Fashion Blogger

Topshop, Gingham, Maternity, Fashion blogger, OOTD, Pregnancy blog, Pregnant,

Topshop, Vince, Black and white, Pregnancy outfit, OOTD, 35 weeks pregnant, maternity inspiration

This top has definitely been on my blog but very early on in my pregnancy and I'm just happy it still fits and looks good with my 35 week bump! Now the weather is finally getting cooler I can now get back into wearing some layers and I have missed my COS cardigan, its just one of those pieces that goes with everything and its merino so keeps you a little snug too. Even thought the weather is turning that didn't stop me buying my new sandals from Vince, I love how chic they are compared to my go to Birkenstocks. I will prob be wearing these all winter because of my swollen feet, pregnancy problems! 

Top - Topshop
Maternity Jeans - Topshop
Cardigan - COS (old)
Sandals - Vince

See last weeks post here

Happy Halloween 👻

Love Sarah

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