36 weeks pregnant | Autumn layering

Hi Cherubs!

I hope you're having a lovely start to November, the temperature has finally dropped here so I feel much more comfortable in my 36th week of pregnancy. I actually don't have any knitted layers that fit me atm which would be ideal, but I am making do with what I've got. Todays outfit is a mix of maternity and non maternity and it's probably one of my most comfortable outfits yet!

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I bought these maternity leggings a while back from Seraphine Maternity and I've only just started wearing them now that the weather is cooler. They are so bloody comfortable! You can slightly see your underwear through them so I wouldn't wear them out and about without a longer tee and blazer combo like I have done here. But the comfort level out weights the slightly see-through bum area, I would definitely buy them again! They fit over the bump and unlike over the bump jeans you can't see where the band finishes through your top because the material is flush to the skin! 

I've styled them with my new Madewell shirt which I wasn't going to wear until after delivery but will power is pretty low at the minute,  I can't wait to be able to button the shirt up and wear it more oversized when I've lost the baby weight. Also my trusty Equipment blazer never lets me down and is the perfect throw on piece to finish a look! 

Of course I'm still in sandals! Never judge a pregnant women who wears sandals in winter because she probs can't fit into her normal shoes ok!! 

Top - Topshop
Shirt - Madewell
Sandals - Vince
Blazer - Equipment (old)

See last weeks outfit here

Love Sarah

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