2 weeks postpartum | Casual OOTD

Hi Cherubs!

Well its been well over 2 weeks now since my last post which was my 39 week OOTD and it seems so surreal that I'm sharing a non maternity fashion post with you! If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know that I had my baby girl on November 29 at 3:50am via unplanned c-section, I'm definitely going to share my labour and delivery story with you because I absolutely loved reading those sorts of blog posts by other new mamas. 

Anyways it will be 2 weeks since I gave birth on Wednesday and I'm feeling pretty good, healing well and starting to feel like the old me, just a slightly more tired version of myself!

2 weeks postpartum, OOTD, WIWT, Fbloggers, Everlane, knitwear, Chloe, Rolex

Winter, All black outfit, OOTD, WIWT, Fbloggers, postpartum, casual, Everlane

Everlane knitwear, all black, fashion, Fbloggers, OOTD, WIWT, Postpartum, New mom, casual style

Casual look, postpartum, ootd, wiwt, Fbloggers, Everlane, knitwear, winter, all black outfit

Chloe, Chloe Milly bag, Fbloggers, Everlane, knitwear, postpartum leggings, Blanqi

Blanqi, postpartum leggings, Everlane knitwear, all black outfit, ootd, WIWT, Fbloggers

Blanqi, postpartum leggings, Everlane, knitwear, Chloe bag, new mom, Fbloggers, OOTD

These postpartum leggings by Blanqi are a lifesaver, they are extremely comfortable and flattering too and I love how they look with my cotton black knit from Everlane which I have been waiting to wear since my birthday but preggo bump wouldn't allow it! 

I'm definitely in a comfy clothing stage at the minute just because I'm still recovering and I'm spending most of my days breastfeeding or pumping so outfits likes these are essential. I'm not quite fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes just yet despite losing nearly 30lbs but I know I'll be in them soon and I can't wait for that day.

Knit - Everlane
Leggings - Blanqi
Bag - Chloe
Sandals - Vince
Watch - Rolex

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Love Sarah

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