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Navigating new Mom life is not an easy task and I'm still trying to figure it all out myself. 7 weeks postpartum and I finally feel like I have some sort of routine going, I mean I still don't manage to shower till late afternoon but my baby is fed and happy and I've pumped and washed bottles a bunch of times so I feel like I'm winning!

Itzy Ritzy is a lovely brand created by a team of young parents who strive to make this whole parenting thing as easy and stylish as possible. Every product on their site is an essential and they kindly sent me a few things to try and I also purchased a few things myself because I am a sucker for their prints!

car seat cover, nursing cover, breastfeeding, Itzy Ritzy, new mom, Newborn

Chevron print, car seat cover, breastfeeding, Nursing cover, Itzy Ritzy, New mom, Diaper bag essentials

Itzy Ritzy, Car seat cover, Baby, New Mom, Newborn, Chevron print, Baby gear

Mom Boss 

Ok first new mom essential that should always be on hand is this multi use cover. Use it for nursing, car seat cover, shopping cart cover and infinity scarf. I have mainly been using this as a car seat cover and for the occasional nursing session if I'm out. I love the print, the quality feels great and it looks stylish too. I never leave the house without this because I love to cover up Mina when we're out because she's still so small and I'm trying to keep her away from as many germs as possible especially because its flu season. Itzy Ritzy have 5 cute prints available in this cover, go check them out here.

Mom boss 4 in 1 multi use cover* - Buy here

Breastfeeding, Normalize breastfeeding, Cover, Infinity scarf, Itzy Ritzy, Baby gear

Itzy Ritzy, Nursing accessories, Breastfeeding, Leather cuff, Breastfeeding help, Chic, Baby gear

Itzy Ritzy, Leather Cuff, Breastfeeding, infinity scarf, Breast pumping, Baby gear, New Mom

Breastfeeding scarf, Full coverage scarf, Infinity scarf, leather cuff, Nursing, New mom

Nursing Happens 

I've actually only used this a handful of times because I have a super fussy baby when it comes to latching so I mainly pump and bottle feed, but I'll go into more detail in a separate breastfeeding post. I will be flying to the UK in a few months and I'm planning on pumping on the 11 hour flight so this scarf will be a lifesaver as I don't really want the whole plane to see me attached to a breast pump. Again this is amazing quality, its super soft and breathable as its made from modal cotton. It comes with a leather cuff which you can use to keep your shirt out of the way whilst pumping or as a little reminder of which breast to nurse from next. I love the little note etched into the cuff from Itzy Ritzy, 'You're doing a great job' So sweet! This is probably the chicest nursing scarf I've come across, what do you think? 

Nursing Happens Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf* - Buy here

Itzy Ritzy, Teething necklace, teething baby, baby gear, Newborn, New mom

Itzy Ritzy, Baby gear, Nursing scarf, Teething necklace, Snack bag, Teething baby, Newborn, New mom, Mom blog

Teething Happens 

Ok so I haven't used this for the purpose its meant for yet as my baby is 7 weeks old and has no teeth, thank heavens! I've just been wearing it as a necklace and it means Mina can grab it and play with it instead of my dainty gold chains which I normally wear. Itzy Ritzy have plenty of gorgeous teething necklaces which are all non toxic and soft on baby gums. If you're not into teething jewelry then you should check out the fun silicone teething shapes available in cactus, pineapple and Ice cream shapes. They are also available at Target too!

Teething Happens Assorted Bead Necklace* - Buy here

Whilst I was shopping in Nordstrom Rack a few months ago I picked up the Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens pouch in chevron print which I mainly keep my snacks in because breastfeeding makes me one hungry momma! I promise I'll share the bag with Mina when she's eating solids! I also picked up the Travel Happens wet bag which has been a total lifesaver. We've had quite a few little accidents whilst out and its so handy keeping clean clothes in this and then swopping them out for the soiled items, it just means the mess is contained until you get home and can deal with the situation 💩 

All the items I've talked about in this post are super affordable but if you're looking for an absolute bargain then definitely check out Nordstrom Rack friends.

What are you favorite items from Itzy Ritzy?

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