Topshop asymmetric blouse for Spring

Hi Cherubs!

So I'm pretty sure if you've scrolled through instagram in the past few months you would have seen the Topshop asymmetric blouse which I'm wearing in this post. I'm pretty sure every blogger has one and I'm not gonna lie I was not into it at first, in fact I didn't like it one bit. But the more I saw it the more it grew on me until I had to have it... And now I need it in white too so Topshop please take all of my money 😂

Topshop, Affordable fashion, Asymmetric blouse, black, fbloggers, postpartum body, mom blog

Topshop, asymmetric blouse, black blouse, spring, Postpartum body, Mom blog, Fbloggers

Spring look, OOTD, Asymmetric blouse, Topshop, Vince, Sandals, New mom, fashion, Fbloggers

Postpartum, OOTD, Mom blog, New mom, Postpartum body, weightloss, Topshop

Asymmetric blouse, Black top, Topshop, Mom Blog, fbloggers, fashion, style, postpartum, weightloss

Uppababy, Stroller, Review, fbloggers, new mom must have, new mom, mom blog, postpartum

Santa Clara people, can you guess this location? 

Blouse - Topshop
Culottes - Kit and Ace (old)
Bag - Whistles (old)
Sandals - Vince
Stroller - Uppababy

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Love Sarah

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