What I wore to a spring wedding in California

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I was hoping to get the post up last week but I have a 5 month old baby who has a very loose nap schedule, so loose in fact that she doesn't seem to nap at all unless I'm pushing her in the stroller for a few hours. Anyway, I went to a wedding. My first and last of this year and my first ever wedding in California. It was a lovely sunny day but it was pretty optimistic of us to think we would be able to have a stress free time with a baby when her bed time was fast approaching. Safe to say it was horrific, I took my screaming teething baby into a quiet room away from all the guests in an effort to sooth her with zero success. So we left the wedding, before the food, before the wine and before the speeches. As soon as we were in the car Mina fell asleep and didn't wake up again till 6:30am the next morning 😂

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Navy stripes, Whistles, Dress, Wrap dress, wedding guest style, OOTD, mom blog, Mom style, postpartum

spring wedding, wedding guest style, mom life, mom blog, postpartum, breastfeeding friendly, whistles

Spring wedding, wedding guest style, postpartum, ootd, mom style, mom blog, Nursing friendly

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Spring wedding, wedding guest style, mom blog, mom life, postpartum, breastfeeding

Spring wedding, Wedding guest style, wrap midi dress, whistles ASOS, postpartum, mom life, mom blog

I absolutely adore this dress, its very flattering and fits my *ahem* engorged chest in whilst fitting my waist too. Gutted I was only able to wear it for a few hours but its going to be perfect for summer I'm just hoping it still fits me when I stop breastfeeding. 

Shoes - Valentino (old)
Bag - Reiss (old)

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