Perfect summer smock dress for under $40

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I'm not really the biggest h&m fan because every time I go in I never find anything, but I always notice some of my favorite bloggers wearing amazing pieces and I'm like hello! Where did you find it though? To be honest this dress in particular was on a mannequin but I still had to hunt around the store to find it. FYI I used to be a visual merchandiser so stores that are hard to navigate annoy me 🙅

Anyway onto the best h&m summer dress find for under $40!

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Summer dress, floral print, OOTD, postpartum fashion, Postpartum image, mom blogger

Summer dress, floral print, green, postpartum fashion, mom style, ootd, h&m, affordable dresses

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I went up a couple of sizes in this dress because that was the smallest size they had and I just couldn't leave the store without it. But because its a smock style it works and I actually prefer the longer length on me. Its super flattering as it hides any postpartum problem areas like my stomach and my big boobs, seriously the busy print shrinks my chest area. Its a winner!

Guys have you noticed that I'm getting out of my comfort zone and scouting out locations for my blog shoots? Its something I've battled with for some time and I definitely feel like its held me back in progressing my blog because I struggle with confidence in taking pictures when people are around. I was talking to one of my friends about it who is an amazing influencer and journalist with a big following and she feels the same about it but just gets on with it. So this is me just getting on with it but dying inside shh!

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Dress - h&m
Sandals - Birkenstock

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