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Hands up if you are totally obsessed with Giuliana Rancic? 🙋I mean she is just fabulous and witty and has an enviable complexion, but with her new venture into skincare maybe we don't have to envy her no more! She is the founder of; Fountain of Truth, a beauty line that is clean and has advanced age defying technology. Influenster has Kindly sent me 3 products to try out complimentary to see what I think. I've been using the products for around 2 weeks now so this is a first impressions of the line. Before I get started with talking through the product I received I just wanted to say when I first heard the name of the brand I wasn't a big fan but its definitely growing on me. The website is very informative and they clearly state what nasties they do not use in the products, Its cruelty free and each product comes with a very clear ingredients list. I like how transparent the site is so thumbs up for that.

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The Truth Insta Face-Lift Elixir | Insta Face-Lift sounds very exciting doesn't it? But I'm mostly a little confused about this product and when to use it. Is it a moisturizer? Is it a serum? Is it a primer? The website offers little information other than to apply one pump over face and neck in the morning and evening. I've used one pump as a moisturizer however it wasn't enough and my skin didn't feel hydrated so I went back in with a different moisturizer just to make my skin happy. Its a very lightweight lotion and the scent is lovely, think herby garden! Other than that though its a little underwhelming for me, I can't see any change to my skin but I will persevere. This product retails at a hefty $86 for 30ml. At this moment in time I wouldn't purchase this again but maybe I'm missing the mark and in a few weeks after continued use I'll change my mind... The packaging is well thought out, its simple white and rose gold and has a very satisfying counter clockwise turning pump devise. 

I am looking forward to seeing more reviews of this product and of course if you have tried it let me know huns.

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Dream Cream Overnight Repair Mask | Since receiving this cream I have used it every night as its a great all rounder. Clean ingredients, soothing and moisturizing. It does take a little while to sink into the skin but I just take that opportunity to give my skin a nice little massage. Come morning my skin does feel fresh and moisturized, pretty happy with this one. It retails at $60 for 50ml which isn't the most affordable but you only need to use a little product each night. The cream comes with a plastic spatula which I think is not necessary especially when there is so much focus on how plastic is impacting our environment. The brand needs to take more responsibility on that front. Having clean ingredients is great but including extra plastic which most likely isn't recyclable isn't very clean.

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Honey Glow Honey Mask | Ok this is just delightful, as soon as I put this mask on my face I was in love. The product warms when you massaged it on your face and it feels like you're in a spa and I am here for it. The texture actually feels and looks a little like honey and it has a faint lovely honey scent. I think this is a great product and my skin looked brighter and felt soft after use. Again they include a spatula which annoys me because there is no need for the extra plastic. $60 for 50ml not cheap but I would repurchase as a treat. Hopefully they will rethink the extra plastic. 

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Are you tempted by Giuliana Rancic new beauty venture?

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