Trying R+Co hair products at home for the first time

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R+Co has been used on my hair many times before at my hair salon, I always comment on how nice my hair smells and feels to my lovely hairdresser. So when the team reached out and offered to send me a few products to try I didn't need to give it a second thought. Yes yes yes! I chose the Bel Air shampoo and conditioner as smooth hair is my ultimate daily hair goal and I also picked up a dry shampoo because I'm a busy mom and I need an extra few days of good hair before I can fit in a wash. Real life!

Anyways a bit about the brand if you're intrigued like me.
R+Co want to create an experience every time you use a product see a product or smell a product. The divine subtle, chic fragrance is meant for both men and women and I can definitely agree to that. All products are whipped up without nasties like parabens, sulfates (SLS OR SLES) mineral oil and petroleum. Everything is cruelty-free, vegetarian, gluten free and color safe.
A trusty worthy brand in my personal opinion.

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Smooth sleek hair
I have been using the same shampoo and conditioner now for a few years and its been so nice to switch up my routine a little and the difference in my hair was even noticeable by my husband! 
First off the shampoo was luxurious to touch and lathered up well on first shampoo, second shampoo was lather heaven! The scent is heavenly and instantly took me back to my hair salon but without the lovely head massage! The conditioner was just as luxurious and felt great straight away in my hair, no need to comb through. 

The real results happened once I dried my hair. Now I never do anything fancy when drying my hair, I wish I could be bothered to section my hair and use a round brush but I'm a blast dry sorta gal. Even with drying my hair like this it was noticeably smooth straight away and after I straightened out the natural kink to my hair it was pretty much perfect. See picture above... what do you think? Another thing I loved was that it contained my flyaways but kept some bounce in my hair without weight. Love love love! 

Another big hit for me was that my hair stayed straight and smooth on day 2,3 and 4 until I had to give it a wash. I usually have to go over my hair with straighteners so this was a big plus for me and saved me some time in the mornings.

The dry shampoo is great to add some texture and volume for everyday styling. It doesn't feel icky or heavy and no white powdery marks left in hair. It's definitely a delicate dry shampoo and I personally would need something stronger but if you wash your hair every other day I think it would be perfect for you. 
R+Co, Vegetarian hair care, Vegan, Luxury hair products, Smooth hair, Beauty blogger, Bbloggers, Salon products, mom blog, mommy blogger, mom beauty
R+CO Bel Air shampoo and conditioner

Have you tried R+Co before? Whats your favorite product?

Bel Air Shampoo - R+Co* Gifted
Bel Air Conditioner - R+Co* Gifted
Death Valley Dry Shampoo - R+Co* Gifted

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