Third Trimester Update | Baby Number 2

Hi Cherubs!

I'm writing this at 38w4d... 4 days before my scheduled c-section ahhh! It hasn't felt real until now to be honest. I'm as ready as I'll ever be and my sister has arrived to look after my 19month old, Mina. So yeah its baby time!
I'm not gonna lie I was absolutely dreading this final trimester as my previous experience with Mina was not pleasant at all. I was huge, I hated that I couldn't fit in anything and I had the worst back problems too. This time around its been ok!

Selfcare, fitness and diet

Selfcare... Well there hasn't been a lot of that. I've kept on top of my nail/hair appointments and take naps when I can but other than that I've been focusing on Mina, trying to squeeze in as much quality time as possible. Towards the end of the third trimester that has been more cuddles, book reading and crafty things. I'm not totally convinced she knows whats going on but she has definitely needed me more and has been way more affectionate. 

My fitness has been minimal, I go on walks everyday with Mina but thats as far as I've pushed myself this time. I've had minimal back problems this pregnancy and maybe its because I haven't put pressure on myself to work out all the time like I did with my previous pregnancy. I am looking forward to getting back to my usual regime once baby is here and I'm cleared to work out. Even though I haven't exercised that much my weight gain has been minimal in comparison to my first pregnancy, I gained nearly 40lbs with Mina and this time I've gained 25lbs. Every pregnancy is different so maybe its just one of those things or maybe its having a toddler to run after and not much time to think about myself...who knows. But I am super happy I don't have much to lose after. 

My diet has been pretty good for the most part, I get Daily Harvest deliveries of smoothies and harvest bowls which I have for lunch times and I usually make a healthy salad for dinner but I definitely have allowed myself treats here and there especially on weekends! Its all about balance after all. Ive had no cravings apart from enjoying orange juice mixed with sparkling water. I drink it every lunch time even though it gives me heartburn! Sidenote, heartburn has been insane these last final weeks especially at night time when I'm trying to fall asleep!

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39 weeks pregnancy update

Mind and body

My hormones have been a little unbalanced I would say. I find myself having less patience and crying more easily but I expected these mood swings so I've been able to deal with them better. Now that my c-section is just days a way I am starting to feel overwhelmed by the whole thing. Don't get me wrong I am happy baby will be delivered this way as I don't feel comfortable with a VBAC but I have to leave my toddler and I know the recovery is hard and the emotions after are intense. My plan is to take it day by day and not put too much pressure on myself. I know I will miss Mina and she will miss me but its a short time away from one another.

As I've mentioned before no back pain or sciatica this time which I am ecstatic about but that doesn't mean I've gotten off easily. From 36 weeks I've been feeling a lot of pressure. I basically feel like I'm carrying a bowling ball between my legs. So uncomfortable. Sitting down for too long hurts, standing up for too long hurts, walking is slow and steady and picking Mina up is a work out. I'm ready to have this baby and feel comfortable in my body again! 

I've only noticed a few small stretch marks appear around my belly button but honestly I couldn't care less about those. They fade and are barely noticeable after a while so its not worth thinking about. I've been using the Cowshed stretch mark oil which has kept my skin moisturized and the itchiness at bay. I highly recommend it! I think I've got through 7/8 bottles this pregnancy.

I'm planning on wearing the Belly Bandit wrap after delivery. I found it so helpful after Mina not just for getting my stomach flat but it gives so much support especially with a c-section when you're too scared to use your abs to sit up and down. I couldn't wear it until 5 days after delivery with Mina because of swelling but I'm hoping I'll be less swollen this time so I can get the tummy support I need straight away. 

Overall swelling has been minimal this pregnancy, my feet and hands have only just started to swell and I only really notice it after I've gone for a walk.

Third Trimester, 39 Weeks pregnant, baby number 2, girl mom, bump style, mom blog, mommy blogger, pregnancy style, healthy pregnancy,
Dressing the bump at 39 weeks pregnant

Preparing for baby

So not much prep has happened this time around just because we already have everything we possibly could need and baby will be sleeping with us for the first few months at least. One thing I did enjoy doing was going through Mina's old clothes and deciding what to keep and what to donate. They will be born in opposite seasons so not everything will work but it was a therapeutic process all the same. One thing I wanted to try out with baby number 2 is a soft wrap as I think it will be so handy to wear around the house whilst looking after a toddler. I decided on Solly Baby as they have so many pretty colors... I'm just hoping I can master the wrap and feel confident wearing my newborn in it. 

Thanks for reading this update, I hope you've enjoyed living this pregnancy with me. I can't wait to complete our family!

Love Sarah


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