Banana and Peanut butter smoothie

Hi Cherubs!

I have the most delish smoothie to share with you today! I am a big juice and smoothie lover and I love trying out new recipes and this is my fave this month.

What I love about smoothies is that you just shove (technical term) it all in a blender and turn the thing on and voila! Quick easy healthy!

Recipe :

1 Frozen Banana
250ml Skimmed Milk (almond milk is also good)
2 tsp Peanut Butter
1tbsp Rolled Oats

This is such a delicious meal and great fuel before a workout. Sometimes I add strawberries to this if I have some to hand. You can also use those fancy special peanut butters but Jif is my absolute fave, (don't judge me) not the healthiest but you know pretty tasty!

Love Sarah

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