Lookfantastic Beauty Box | April 2018 Edition

Hi Cherubs!

Happy Monday! I have the April edition of the monthly beauty box from lookfantastic and oh my it's a bloody good box! There are so many of my favorite brands in this box including some products I've been dying to try out including the infamous GLAMGLOW mud mask. Full run down of products below so keep on reading huns!

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lookfantastic, beauty box, Dr Botanicals, Vegan, Nuxe, Skincare, Mom blogger, mom life,

Dr. Botanicals - Vegan Bergamont & Poppy Seed Soap | I am pretty excited about this soap, it smells divine and feels like a super luxe product. I don't think I've ever used a poppy seed exfoliant before so I am pretty intrigued to see how this measures up to my current products. I would love to hear your thoughts on this brand.

Explore Dr. Botanicals here

Nuxe - Crème Fraîche de Beauté | Nuxe is one of my fail safe brands, I just trust the products to be kind on my skin and work. This moisturizes and protects skin for up to 48 hours with its soothing ingredients including Vegetable Milks and Algae Extract. Sounds delicious. Perfect for morning and nighttime skincare routine.

Explore Nuxe here

Emma Hardie, Nip + Fab, Skincare, beauty, beauty box, lookfantastic, beauty blogger, mom blogger

Emma Hardie - Moringa Cleansins Balm | I have heard so many good things about this cleansing balm from other beauty bloggers so when I came across this sample in the box I did a little happy dance! Balms are great for melting away make up and hydrating skin. I'm hoping this measures up to my fave balm by Pixi.

Explore Emma Hardie here

Nip + Fab - Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads | I have used these cleansing pads on and off for a few years and I love them, its a product that I will always repurchase because they suit my skin. Apply to cleansed skin to reveal a brighter and tighter complexion and always use an SPF!

Explore Nip + Fab here

Lookfantastic, beauty box, beauty blogger, GLAMGLOW, PUR, Mom blog, mom blogger

GLAMGLOW - SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment | I have always wanted to try a GLAMGLOW mask, there is such a big hype around this brand but also a big price tag. Again this is why I love beauty boxes because you can try luxe products without investing so if it doesn't suit your skin or you just absolutely dislike the product, no harm done! This mask is great for problem skin and blemishes just apply a thin layer and leave on for 20 mins.

Explore GLAMGLOW here

PÜR - Fully Charged Mascara | Hands up if you are constantly trying out new mascaras in the hopes of finding the one? Me me me! This mini mascara promises to add volume, lift and definition to lashes for a dramatic look. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one and also your favorite mascaras!

Explore Pür here

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Topshop asymmetric blouse for Spring

Hi Cherubs!

So I'm pretty sure if you've scrolled through instagram in the past few months you would have seen the Topshop asymmetric blouse which I'm wearing in this post. I'm pretty sure every blogger has one and I'm not gonna lie I was not into it at first, in fact I didn't like it one bit. But the more I saw it the more it grew on me until I had to have it... And now I need it in white too so Topshop please take all of my money 😂

Topshop, Affordable fashion, Asymmetric blouse, black, fbloggers, postpartum body, mom blog

Topshop, asymmetric blouse, black blouse, spring, Postpartum body, Mom blog, Fbloggers

Spring look, OOTD, Asymmetric blouse, Topshop, Vince, Sandals, New mom, fashion, Fbloggers

Postpartum, OOTD, Mom blog, New mom, Postpartum body, weightloss, Topshop

Asymmetric blouse, Black top, Topshop, Mom Blog, fbloggers, fashion, style, postpartum, weightloss

Uppababy, Stroller, Review, fbloggers, new mom must have, new mom, mom blog, postpartum

Santa Clara people, can you guess this location? 

Blouse - Topshop
Culottes - Kit and Ace (old)
Bag - Whistles (old)
Sandals - Vince
Stroller - Uppababy

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Love Sarah

April Showers OOTD

Hi Cherubs!

I think it has been over a month since I last posted on my blog, I decided to take some time off whilst I was back in the UK just so I could spend quality time with my friends and family and not have to stress about uploading. But I'm back! I'm well rested and feeling inspired again.

Since we've had some rain and more forecast for this week here in CA I thought it was about time to style a look around my new rain jacket from Uniqlo, I was all for getting the this jacket in black but I'm glad my husband talked me into the green colour now because I am obsessed! What do you think?

Whistles, Uniqlo, Stripes, Rain Jacket. April showers, OOTD, mom blogger, Fbloggers, Fashion

Uniqlo, Postpartum, Urban Outfitters, style, fashion, Mom blog, Mysf, Brunette, Rain coat

Green rain jacket, Uniqlo, Light wash jeans, Urban Outfitters, Fashion, Mom blog, postpartum

Rolex, Uniqlo, Whistles, Urban Outfitters, Fashion, Mom blogger, Postpartum, Breastfeeding

Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters, Stripes, Rolex, Green, Rain jacket, Postpartum, Mom blog

Nike air max 97, Nike, Uniqlo, Green rain jacket, mom blog, postpartum, breastfeeding

Natural make up, OOTD, Stripes, Green rain jacket, April showers, fashion, mom blogger

Top - Whistles (old)
Jeans - Urban Outfitters
Trainers - Nike
Rain Jacket - Uniqlo

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Check skirts and heavy knits

Hi Cherubs!

Just a super quick post today as I have to pack for my upcoming trip to the UK. Feeling v stressed! Who'd have thought a tiny human would need so many things for a flight/vacation? It will be a miracle if I don't forget anything... If you wanna see how I get on follow me on Instagram here.

Anyways onto the outfit... I'm wearing an old whistles blush wool knit which is a lifesaver in this chilly weather, and its deffo coming with me to England along with my 10000x other blush knits (I have a problem) I love it paired with my check mini skirt too, again this is old but hopefully you can still get some style inspo 👍

Knitwear, Whistles, Free People, Madewell, Check skirt, ASOS, Fashion, Postpartum, OOTD

Madewell, Knitwear, Free People, Metallic bag, Wool, Winter, Mom blogger, Postpartum,

Postpartum, Mini skirt, check, Wool, Free People, Madewell, Fashion, Fbloggers, Mom blogger

Young mom, Mom blogger, Postpartum, Fashion, Winter, Free People, Knitwear, Blush pink

Preppy, Fashion, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, Fashion, Style, Mom blog, Mom style, OOTD

Knit - Whistles (old)
Skirt - Madewell (old)
Bag - Free People (old)
Shoes - Topshop

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3 months postpartum OOTD

Hi Cherubs!

Its been so cold here in Silicon Valley this past week, it actually feels like were finally getting a winter and I'm not mad about it. I'm flying to the UK in less than two weeks so at least I'm getting prepared for the weather. Speaking of going to England I'm getting pretty excited about a chippy tea and Bourbon biscuits... 

Anyway I'm totally getting Yeezy vibes from this beige sweater I just need some beige cycling shorts and I'm good to go. However I would look horrendous in beige cycling shorts so I'll stick with my trusty Everlane wide leg pants. Side note KKW looks 🔥🔥🔥 in cycling style shorts!

I'm really into this outfit and its deffo one that I'll be packing for my trip home. 

Beige, Yeezy, Stripes, OOTD, Fashion Blogger, Postpartum, Mom blog, Mom style

High street fashion, Affordable, Mom style, Fbloggers, OOTD, Yeezy

Gold Jewelry, New mom, Beige sweater, Uniqlo, brunette, hair inspo

Everlane, High Street fashion, beige, yeezy, Postpartum, mom blog, Fbloggers

Everlane, Aritzia belt, beige sweatshirt, Yeezy, Fbloggers, Fashion, Mom Style

Yeezy, Everlane, wide leg pants, Uniqlo, Sweater, Fbloggers, mom style, OOTD

Sweatshirt - Uniqlo 
Stripe tee - Everlane
Pants - Everlane
Belt - Aritzia
Loafers - Topshop
Necklace - Gift

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Love Sarah

Look Fantastic beauty box | February 2018 edition

Hi Cherubs!

My first beauty box of the year arrived just last week and its a goodun people! 6 lovely samples including 2 of my fave products ever! Find out whats in the box below!

look fantastic, beauty box, skincare, make up, beauty blogger, us blogger, elemis, Trifle cosmetics

Elemis - Pro - Collagen Marine cream | This is one of my fave creams ever! Its super luxurious but with a lightweight formula! I find this super hydrating. Its great for improving the look of dull skin and fine lines. Happy to have this back in my life.

Buy full size here

Caudalie - Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum | This is my other fave. tbh I'm a big fan of the Caudalie Vinosource range, great for dry and sensitive skin. Hydrates skin straight away and leaves you feeling soft and supple again. Can be used as a primer too if you like a dewy look.

Buy full size here

Filorga - Meso-Mask | This sounds like a magic cream! It gives your complexion some radiance and luminosity whilst ridding your skin of wrinkles. You can leave on for 15-30 mins or as an overnight mask and let your skin absorb all the goodness whilst you sleep. If any of my readers has tried this before let me know what you think!

Buy full size here

Look Fantastic, beauty box, skincare, make up, Elemis, Caudalie, beauty blogger

Dr. PAWPAW - Original Multipurpose Clear Balm | I have never used or heard of this product or brand before. However this sounds amazing, a super hydrating balm that you can use wherever your skin needs hydration. It can also be used for skin irritations, nappy rash and sunburn!

Buy full size here

Bellapierre - Shimmer roll in Champagne | It wouldn't be a beauty box without some make up now would it! This shimmer roll can be used as eyeshadow or highlight. I love the fact that this is a rollerball for easy application on the go.

Buy here

Trifle Cosmetics - Sublime Lip Scrub in Sugar Pear | I have never ever used a lip scrub before, can not wait to see what all the fuss is about. It helps lipstick apply flawlessly and last longer.

Buy here

Look Fantastic, Beauty box, LFBEAUTYBOX, Skincare, Make up, Elemis, Caudalie

Which product is your favorite? Let me know in the comment box below lovelies! The product I am most looking forward to trying is the Dr. PAWPAW balm. 

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Love Sarah

Postpartum body image

Hi Cherubs!

Postpartum, body image, stretch marks, mental health, new mom, weight loss

A few of my friends that have had babies have been lucky enough to look like nothing has happened to their bodies after delivery...Their words not mine! Well guess what, that did not happen to me!! 
The day after I gave birth I looked in the mirror and was horrified, I did not recognize myself at all. I was swollen from all the fluids, my stomach still looked around 6 months pregnant, I had stretch marks and not to mention a c-section scar to get used to. And yes looking at my sweet baby girl I know its all worth it but I can want my gorgeous girl and a Victoria Secret model worthy body right? 

Postpartum, new mom, new born, mom blogger, weight loss, yoga, fashion, blogger

I'm 11 weeks postpartum and have lost the 35lbs I put on this pregnancy and 10lbs that I put on in my previous pregnancy (which ended in miscarriage at 12 weeks) so thats 45lbs total. Am I happy with my postpartum body now? Sometimes! I still pick apart things that I don't like and probably won't be able to change. Like stretch marks, will they ever go? I apply lotions and potions everyday in the hopes that I'm making a small difference. I have a soft stomach which turns into a noticeable roll when I sit down. My boobs are gigantic from breastfeeding, I know I should be happy about this one but I miss my small chest so much!! 
Then other days I'm totally feeling myself and can't believe how slim I'm looking and how flat my stomach looks, I know I've said this before but postpartum hormones are CRAZY!

Lalabu baby, postpartum leggings, postpartum, new mom, weight loss, yoga, fashion blogger

There are a few things that I've been doing to help with my self esteem and getting my pre baby body back. After being given the go ahead to work out from my doctor I went straight back to Corepower yoga where I do hot yoga 2-3 times a week, first week back was incredibly hard and my abs did not know what hit them seriously! But that aching feeling after a work out instantly improves my mood!

mental health, baby blues, stretch marks, weight loss, postpartum, new mom, mom blog

Eating healthy and using MyFitnessPal. I am always more successful at losing weight using MyFitnessPal because theres nothing like seeing exactly what you're eating in a day and in my case the sugar consumption to put my diet back on track. Its easy to count carbs or calories with this app which ever you prefer, I personally have better results counting carbs. I know people say not to diet too much whilst breastfeeding but I have not noticed a reduction in my supply and I pump around 5 times a day so it is something I would notice straight away. But again everyone and every body is different. Another app I use to keep me on track is called 'My Weight' and you basically just add your weight in as often as you feel like. You can set a goal weight and a goal time to hit and view your progress on a chart. I put my weight in from the day before I gave birth and its pretty amazing to see my progress on the chart. Again it's just another way of motivating myself by seeing those numbers dropping week by week.

Lalabu baby, postpartum leggings, postpartum body, weight loss, mental health, fitness

Ditching maternity clothes. I definitely held onto my maternity clothing and baggy things a little longer than I should have. Although if your clothes still fit then keep them of course but after a while mine didn't and they didn't do me any favors. Postpartum leggings have been a lifesaver for me because they give so much support around my stomach and are very flattering! Perfect for lounging around with your newborn and running errands. The ones I'm wearing in this post are incredibly comfortable, I highly recommend investing in a pair!! Postpartum dressing can be tricky especially if you need easy access to your lady lumps but since I'm just pumping its been a little easier and I can pretty much wear whatever I like and its been so much fun squeezing back into my favorite items!

Postpartum, weight loss, health, fitness, yoga, stretch marks, new mom, mental health

Those small things have been helping me feel and look good whilst I'm in this postpartum stage, and I know we all have good and bad days so its important to just listen to your body, do things that make you happy and enjoy your little one!

Top - American Apparel
Shirt - Gap
Leggings - Lalabu*
Trainers - Nike

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