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A slightly different beauty post today, I'm talking about deodorants. I thought I should write about this product and why I chose to go for a more natural alternative than what I've exposed my body to for as long as I can remember. Keep reading to see why!

LAVANILA, the healthy deodorant, beauty review, preventing breast cancer

lavanila, the healthy deodorant, beauty blogger, beauty review, no aluminium

A few months ago I discovered a lump in my armpit and automatically I freaked out and thought the worst. (my mom discovered her breast cancer the same way) It turned out to be nothing more than an infected hair follicle but during the week I waited to pluck the courage and go to my doctor I did some research into what it could be and the causes etc. When my research led me to deodorants and how harmful many of the drugstore brands are I instantly wanted to make a change. 

If you didn't know many deodorants contain aluminium, I know pretty shocking, what is metal doing in a product you use in such a delicate area of your body? Aluminium is used because it temporarily plugs the sweat ducts to stop you perspiring. It basically stops your body from getting rid of toxins which then find their way to lymph nodes and may cause cancer. Changing your deodorant is such a small change but it can have a big impact on your health.

There are quite a few healthy options on the market but I chose LAVANILA because they had some great reviews, also my local whole foods stock 3 different LAVANILA scents so it was pretty accessible and I could pick my favourite fragrance. 

The healthy deodorant is cruelty free, vegan and contains no nasty paraben or aluminium. What is does contain is aloe to hydrate and sooth the skin. Beta glucan technology, to help break down sweat molecules and effectively prevent odor while nourishing the delicate skin. Lemon peel oil, to serve as a purifying and antibacterial agent, it also adds a fresh and clean aroma.

I chose the pure vanilla scent because I am the biggest vanilla fan, it has a very fresh and sweet fragrance which isn't overpowering. The deodorant is a stick formula that is easy to glide over delicate skin and doesn't leave any nasty white marks on skin or clothes. It does feel very moisturising but not at all heavy. 

It is not as strong as my usual unhealthy deodorant, I definitely sweat when i'm working out and if its a hot day but even though I do sweat there is no horrible odor so a big thumbs up for that. If you are looking for something to keep you 100% dry this product isn't for you. For everyday use I think this is great, but for those super hot days or gym sessions I will have to find another option. LAVANILA do offer a sports luxe version for high performance so I am definitely going to give this one a try too! 

Would I repurchase? 100% I am happy with how the deodorant has performed so far and I am looking forward to trying more from the range including the new Sports Luxe option and The Healthy Sunscreen!

Have you tried any products from LAVANILA before?

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& other stories | spring edit

Hi Cherubs!

I went to LA last weekend and had the best time eating amazing food and doing a bit of shopping, I stumbled across & other stories which was a lovely surprise because I didn't actually know they had a stores in the US! Can we please have one in San Francisco please? Anyway I bought a little something which I will show you asap don't you worry but it deffo inspired me to do a wish list of perfect spring pieces to update my wardrobe!

& other stories, fashion, wishlist, blogger, spring wardrobe
1. Slinky strap dress - $65 - Black | 2. Braided wool-blend sweater - $115 - Off white | 3. Cotton-twill structured shirt - $95 - Green | 4. Polka dot dress - $55 - Navy |

Let me know what you think of my picks 💋

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Everlane wide leg crop pants

Hi Cherubs!

I know you've seen these wide legged beauties a few weeks ago but I thought they deserved their own moment on the blog where the focus of my post is purely on them because I am deeply invested! Seriously how in love do I sound? But finding wide leg pants/trousers that are flattering for someone with hips and a booty is often quite a struggle... They either cling to the wrong places or the fabric just falls in an unflattering way. Now when Everlane claimed these pants would be for every BODY I was skeptical but I ordered them anyway to give them a go, lets see what I thought!

american apparel, high neck top, mustard, outfit, womenswear, fashion blogger

Everlane, Wide leg pants, san francisco, fashion blogger, flattering pants, curvy women

hermes bracelet, gold jewllery, red hair, outfit inspiration, fashion blogger

Jeffrey Campbell, embroidered shoes, fashion trends, fashion blogger

Everlane, american apparel, fashion blogger, wide leg pants, jewellery details

Red hair, fashion blogger, womenswear, fashion trends, curvy, outfit details

Everlane, flattering wide leg pants, san francisco, blogger, womenswear, high end

There is no denying that they are a flattering fit; they cinch in my waist, add a little booty lift and balance out my curves. But the most important factor here is that I've felt confident wearing them  and I've worn them a lot and felt pretty damn badass in them too. Also they are extremely comfortable because the fabric has a nice stretch to them. 

I have been dressing these pants up with patent loafers and a blouse or down with androgynous shoes like the once above,  or trainers and cute tees! An essential wardrobe staple, what do you think?

Top - American Apparel (sold out)
Pants - Everlane
Necklace - Dogeared
Bracelet - Hermes

Love Sarah

Ouai | Dry Shampoo

Hi Cherubs!

I could not get by without a dry shampoo and I have tried many different brands from drugstore to high end. I recently ran out of the dry bar dry shampoo which I received for christmas and decided to try out OUAI as I've been loving their other products so much. They actually have two dry shampoos to choose from, a foam and an aerosol. I chose the normal aerosol because I am a creature of habit and change is scary! Let me know if you've tried the foam version, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

OUAI, dry shampoo, beauty review, haircare, Jen Atkins, beauty blogger

OUAI, dry shampoo, haircare, beauty review, Jen Atkins, Celebrity stylist, beauty blogger

Ok first things first its beautiful... I can spot OUAI products a mile away with that sleek, minimal polished packaging! I have no complaints there apart from I want to buy everything and my bank balance will not allow it! To use its very simple shake well and spray onto roots whilst holding the can 6" away from your head, then fluff out hair with your fingers... I told you it was simple!

I tend to wash my hair once to twice a week so a good dry shampoo is a priority to keep my hair looking fresh. I work out around 5 times a week and add that with slightly oily hair and a biweekly hair wash you can only imagine the state my hair gets into.  I tend to use a dry shampoo on hair day 3-5 then I will have to wash my hair. 

There are a few things I love about this product; it has a very pleasant light airy scent which lasts throughout the day, the product leaves no white residue whatsoever and lastly it adds just the right amount of volume to my hair. After use I literally have fresh hair again and I honestly love not having to worry about getting rid of white spots in my hair, thats a big win right there. 

With that being said there is one thing I dislike about this product and that is after use you can definitely feel product build up in your hair (FYI I don't use any other products) not a big enough deal to stop me using it but worth mentioning. 

Overall I am super happy with this dry shampoo and I will most certainly repurchase once I've run out again. You can pick this up at your local Sephora, Space.NK or Cult beauty if you live in the UK and it costs $24 buy here

Send me your dry shampoo recommendations I'd love to try some more out!

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Love Sarah

h&m | stylish + affordable workout clothes

Hi Cherubs!

If you follow me on Instagram (@sarahsatongar) and particularly my Instagram stories you will know I have recently fallen in love with yoga and started taking classes quite regularly. There are some super stylish ladies at my yoga studio which has totally inspired me to do a little shopping to boost my workout wardrobe. Although it would be a total dream to buy everything from Lorna Jane I just don't have that kind of budget, however h&m have some incredible pieces at a friendlier price tag! Take a look at my wish list below to get inspired!

h&m, affordable sportswear, yoga, yoga style, supportive sports bra, blogger
1. Pink and grey placement yoga tights - $34.99 - Black | 2. Sports tank top - $14.99 - Pink | 3. Slogan tank top - $17.99 - Grey | 4. Colour block tights - $24.99 - Dark blue | 5. High support sports bra - $29.99 - Grey | 6. Push up sports bra - $29.99 - Pink

Let me know which one is your fave, as always everything is linked above!

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Love Sarah

Calvin Klein | Casual layering

Hi Cherubs!

Monday always comes around so quickly but theres nothing more motivating than a fresh week is there? So I'm gonna get my ass to yoga and work on my to do list with a large coffee in hand, lets do this! 💪

Casual outfit, ootd, wiwt, Fashion Blogger, Calvin Klein, American Apparel

Calvin Klein, Denim skirt, sweater, womenswear, outfit, fashion Blogger

Calvin Klein, sweater, outfit, denim, Fashion Blogger

Calvin Klein Jeans, casual fashion, outfit, fashion Blogger

Casual fashion, Calvin Klein, Sweater, denim, fashion blogger, womenswear

In todays post I am sharing my standard casual weekend attire, I like to be comfy but still looked put together and I think this look is just that. I love this vintage blue denim with my cosy Calvin Klein sweater layered over a simple white shirt and then to pull the whole casual vibes together I added white trainers. 

Shirt - h&m
Sweater - Calvin Klein 
Skirt - American Apparel
Trainers - Nike

I hope you all have a productive Monday! Let me know your thoughts on this look I would love to know lovelies 💖

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Love Sarah

Charlotte Tilbury | Legendary Brows

Hi Cherubs!

You've probably already guessed that I am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury makeup, her eyeshadow palettes, hydrating lipsticks and now the Legendary Brows! This is quite a new release and I think I originally saw this product over on Instagram and I was instantly intrigued by that micro brush I just imagined a precise eyebrow gel application and that got me very excited!

Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup, legendary brows, eyebrows

Brow gel, make up, motd, Charlotte Tilbury, Luxury beauty, beauty blogger

I always use a brow gel as part of my make up routine, its a step I just can't skip because after all my efforts of pencilling in my brows and sculpting the perfect arch I kinda want them to stay put all day long. 

I chose the clear gel as I already have products to fill in my brows which are the perfect colour and I'm happy with them, I just need some structure and longevity so I thought the clear would be perfect!  Legendary Brows is filled with nourishing vitamin E, castor oil to strengthen those hairs and elasticising wax. I've never come across another brow gel that is filled with such goodness, but does it work?

Basically yes it works wonderfully! My absolute favourite thing about this product is the super precise brush, application is just so easy and I can really get all of those fine hairs which makes such a difference especially if you have sparse brows like me...every hair counts ladies! It really fluffs up the inner part of your brows and I love that look, also you aren't left with crusty brows either which many other gels do. Even after sculpting my brows with my usual products after I've applied Legendary Brows I'm left with a natural look not pencilled in and flat.

Whether I'm wearing make up or not I always want to have sculpted natural brows and I think this is the same feeling for many women, we're naked without them! I love the natural look I can achieve with this brow gel by Charlotte Tilbury and its at a reasonable price too $22.50. I will definitely repurchase this product over and over as its such a unique gel! Buy here

Have you tried Legendary Brows?

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