ASOS maternity smock dress

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ASOS, ASOS Maternity, Smock dress, Whistles, clutch bag, WIWT, Fbloggers, fashion, pregnancy style

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ASOS Maternity, Steve Madden, Smock dress, Pregnancy Style, OOTD, WIWT, White clutch bag

I am all about comfort at the moment especially when the weather is constantly glorious so this will be my preggo uniform for the foreseeable future. No idea what I will wear when the weather turns because my feet are already swollen so non of my trainers fit, my hands are swollen so I can't take off my bangles or rings and the thought of wearing jeans frightens me. My body temperature is persistently mega hot so hopefully I'll be warm enough to wear dresses and sandals until baby comes and I can wear my normal things again. I sound like I'm moaning but I can assure you I am a happy pregnant lady!

Dress - ASOS
Clutch - Whistles
Sandals - Nordstrom
Bracelet - Hermes
Rings - Azil Boutique

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Skinstore x Philip Kingsley limited edition box

Hi Cherubs!

I am back with another ridiculously good collaboration box from SkinStore, this time they have teamed up with the hair gods behind Philip Kingsley to bring a well rounded hair essentials kit. The box is worth approx $98.25 but available for purchase at $55, this would make a lovely gift for yourself or a loved one. It is limited edition though so you do have to be fast, the last collaboration box sold out quickly! I have blogged about Philip Kingsley products before so if you want to have a nosey at that you can read it here.

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Philip Kingsley, Shampoo and conditioner, luxury hair products, haircare, beauty blogger

Philip Kingsley, UV Hair protection, hair mask, luxury products, beaut blogger, hair care

Philip Kingsley is known for his amazing healthy scalp and hair products which are absolute miracle workers! I was introduced to this brand around 6 years ago and at that time I was dealing with a flaky scalp from stress at uni so my friend told me to try Philip Kingsley products and they worked incredibly well at rejuvenating my scalp and leaving strong healthy hair. The products are on the more pricey side but definitely worth it in my opinion.

Now lets take a look at whats inside the SkinStore box!

Philip Kingsley Handbag Brush | Great quality detangling brush which fits perfectly into your handbag or gym bag, it has a cushioned base to softly brush through hair... It's also really pretty!

Geranium and Neroli Elasticizer | I had a sample of this years ago and I loved it then so I was pretty excited to treat my hair to this pre-shampoo mask this week. It smells like a luxury spa and feels like a luxury hair treatment at home. Originally made for Audrey Hepburn, it adds elasticity, manageability and shine to your locks, I would highly recommend this box just for this product! I have recently dyed my hair and it felt so dry and lifeless after so it was a real treat to use this mask, my hair looks and feels back to its normal bouncy happy self.

Body Building Shampoo | Super excited to try this shampoo out, its a new one for me but I have a feeling Philip Kingsley can do no wrong so I reckon I'm gonna love it. Its a gentle, weightless formula that will leave hair more manageable and full of body. 

Moisture Balancing Conditioner | Another new product for me but this is a best selling conditioner for Philip Kingsley which is amazing for smoothness and shine. I always look for products that smooth so happy to try this out. This product is formulated with Wheat Protein (great for taming frizz) and Hydrolyzed Elastin to add strength and reduce breakage.

Citrus Sunshine Swimcap | I am extremely intrigued by this water resistant cream which protects your hair against chlorine, saltwater and UV damage. I have never used a product like this before but I will try it asap as I've been doing a lot of swimming recently, and I've noticed the chlorine dries out my hair to the point where it feels almost crunchy. I'm intrigued! 

PK Prep Perfecting Spray | This spray acts like a hair primer to give long lasting smoothness, it has a lovely delicate cherry blossom scent too. Formulated with Elastin and ProVitamin B5 to condition and add shine to hair. I currently use Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defense to protect against my heated styling tools and I think together these products will work wonders for healthy and smooth hair.

I actually thought SkinStores last collaboration with Caudalie was my favorite beauty box but I think this one has taken the spot! 

SkinStore x Philip Kingsley Limited Edition Box* | Buy here

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Harper + Ari | Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

Hi Cherubs!

I was recently contacted by Harper + Ari to see if I wanted to try out their exfoliating sugar cubes and obvs I agreed because LOOK AT THEM! They look good enough to eat and also I love the idea of just taking one cube into the shower because if your shower is anything like mine then you have limited shelving space available. 

Harper + Ari, exfoliating sugar cubes, body products, bath products, bbloggers, smooth skin

Ok so we've established that they look good enough to eat, seriously though when my husband first saw them he actually said 'mmmmm what are those?' 

I chose the peach scent and I am so happy I did, its so fresh and sweet but also the peachy color of the cubes is totally instagramable don't you think? Ive used the cubes twice now and one sugar cube is definitely enough for full body and then some. Which makes me think I've been using way too much of my other exfoliating products.  To use you simply break the cube up in your hands with warm water first and then massage over skin. The first time I used this I didn't break the cube up first and used as is, it still did a pretty good job but breaking it up gives you more control and exfoliates a lot better. 

As I said earlier I love the idea pf just taking one cube into the shower or bath with me instead of having another product to find space for in my tiny shower. The one thing I will say is that I did find it a little difficult to get a sugar cube out when I first opened the glass container... I'm sure once I've used few more it will be a lot easier, its just something I noticed. 

I love using gritty exfoliating sugar based products and I wasn't disappointed by Harper + Ari, my skin felt extremely soft and left the perfect base for my moisturizers. The scent is lovely too and I can only imagine how good the other scents smell.

Have you tried Harper + Ari exfoliating cubes before?

Peach exfoliating sugar cubes | Harper + Ari*

Love Sarah

What I wore + Hair chat

Hi Cherubs!

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Brunette, hair color, hair inspiration, gap, cropped shirt, leaf print, maternity style, pregnancy blog, OOTD

Chloe, Chloe Milly bag, navy, gold details, designer bag, ootd, wiwt, maternity fashion, pregnancy blog

cropped shirt, baby bump, ootd, maternity style, pregnancy blog, Fbloggers, fashion, gap

Chloe Milly bag, designer bag, fbloggers, fashion, maternity style, pregnancy blog, ootd

If you follow me on Instagram and in particular my instastories you may have noticed I was having my hair colored at the salon last week which is a treat for me as I usually do it myself! But as I wanted something totally different I thought I'd leave it in the hands of the professionals. You're probably thinking that my hair doesn't look that different and I hear you! I had it in my non hairdresser head that I could book a balayage appointment and come out with beautiful brunette hair with gorgeous lighter tones running through. 

When I turned up to my appointment my hairdresser told me that I had booked the wrong appointment because balayage is just a highlighting service which she was more than prepared to do for me but I'd be left with my red hair and my horrendous roots. So in the end we decided to just dye my hair brown instead and she did warn me that the red with linger for a while which I already knew as I've been through this process before. So here I am with basically darker red hair. 

The next steps for my hair over the next few months will be to dye my hair brown again and have a partial balayage done and hopefully I will get the desired gorgeous locks I'm after. Red hair is such a pain in the bum to get rid of and I probably should have learnt my lesson from the numerous times before I've died my hair from brown to red and back again. The whole reason for my sudden change of color is I'm just bored, I've had red hair for around 9 years now and its time for a change. Also I should mention that red, especially vibrant red is a lot of work, I had to dye my hair every 4 weeks because it would fade out and my hair grows extremely fast and you would see my dark brown roots appear in no time at all. Having a natural brown balayage will save me so much time and effort especially as I have a little baby on the way. Watch this space and hopefully in the coming months I'll have a real hair transformation to share with you guys!

Shirt - Gap (old)
Culottes - Topshop
Bag - Chloe

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Look Fantastic | Global Glamour beauty box

Hi Cherubs!

Another day another beauty box! FYI beauty boxes are my favourite, I love being surprised with beauty products and trying out new brands. So the August #LFBEAUTYBOX is all about introducing you to amazing beauty products from all over the globe! Want a peek inside?

Look Fantastic,, Beauty box, Luxury products, beauty blogger, bblogger

Look Fantastic, Beauty Box, Global Glamour, Lord and Berry, Lottie London, Bblogger, Beauty blogger, subscription box

Korres, Look Fantastic, Beauty box, global glamour, beauty blogger, subscription box, beauty products, skincare

Mane 'n tail, haircare, Look Fantastic, beauty box, bblogger, beauty samples, subscription box

Whats in the box?

Lottie London - Balm ball lip hydrator | I love the look of this lip balm, its so sweet and I like that its a more angled shape so you can use it with precision! Also English brand šŸ’• Important info, these balms are cruelty free, vegan and affordable! I'm already a fan, and its been in my handbag ever since I received my box so I can always have hydrated lips!

Lord & Berry - Magic brow pencil | Not sure what makes this pencil magic but this brow tool claims to suit all eyebrow colors thanks to its two-color universal tip. I've swatched the pencil and its definitely the perfect shade for me so I'm happy with that! Lord & Berry is definitely a brand I recognize but didn't realize it was made in fashionable Milan!

Korres - Moisturising body milk | Korres is a Greek brand I have wanted to try for a long time so I can not wait to give this body milk a go. I love the fresh basil lemon scent! If your looking for a new after sun this is the perfect aloe soothing moisturizer.

Gatineau - Gentle silk cleanser | I've actually never heard of this cult French pharmacy brand, but I honestly don't think I've ever tried a French beauty brand I didn't like! I can't wait to try it, I have a trip in a few weeks so I will be taking this with me as it is the perfect travel size.

Skin79 - Super beblesh balm spa 30 | It wouldn't be a global beauty box without a Korean beauty product now would it? I've been on the hunt for a BB cream so I am happy to try this one out and also a big bonus that it has a pretty high spf too.

Mane 'n Tail - Shampoo & Conditioner | OK so this is an American cult product which used to be dedicated to horses manes and tails... But now thanks to the likes of Jennifer Anniston a lot of Americans swear by it. Not gonna lie I'm skeptical because I know horse hair has a totally different texture to human hair so we will see with this one! 

That concludes the contents of the beauty box, 7 beauty products and you also receive an Elle magazine and a little magazine from Look Fantastic with lots of info on the products and tips and tricks from trade experts! Thank you to Look Fantastic team for sending me this lovely gift!

Buy here

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How I keep fit during pregnancy & What I wear

Hi Cherubs!

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Adidas, Slides, Slide sandals, Ingrid and Isabel maternity, Pregnancy work out fashion, Yoga style, fitness

Maternity fashion, fitness, bump style, Ingrid and Isabel maternity, Maternity leggings, Fbloggers

Pregnancy Yoga Style, Bump Style, Sweaty Betty top, Ingrid and Isabel Maternity leggings, Adidas slides, fitness

Ingrid and isabel, maternity activewear, Sweaty Better, American Apparel bag, fitness, bump style

Sweaty Betty top, Victoria Secret Sports bra, Pregnancy activewear, bump style, fbloggers,

Since the very beginning of my pregnancy I have tried really hard to be as active as possible for the health of myself and my growing baby. I'm not going to pretend its been easy because it definitely hasn't. Especially at the start when I was feeling terribly sick and exhausted all day long, but the second trimester the sickness vanished my tiredness eased up a little, I still have to have a power nap in the afternoon to prevent zombie Sarah for the rest of the day. Growing a baby is hard!

I have been loving yoga during my pregnancy and I attend a local CorePower studio where I practice the C1 (unheated) class 3 times a week. My teachers have been amazing throughout this journey and are incredibly knowledgeable about what I can and can't do at different stages of pregnancy, I wanted to keep up on regular classes rather than prenatal as I still wanted and needed a proper workout. Its fast paced and by the end of class I am dripping with sweat! 

Another way of adding easy exercise into my week is simply just going for walks, there is a gorgeous park near to where I live which is great for a brisk morning walk. Or instead of driving to the supermarket or nail salon I walk instead, its a 20 min walk both ways so an easy way of getting those steps in. Also I notice after I sit down after I've been for a walk baby girl moves around a lot and I love that feeling! 

Finally, on the weekends I go on a hike with my husband which has become a bit of a tradition now. We did this before I got pregnant and have kept at it because its a lovely way of spending some quality time together. I am deffo a lot slower now at hiking because I get out of breath super easy (pregnancy problems) but every little helps!

Now onto my outfit! I bought a few tops in the Sweaty Betty sale which is actually my first time purchasing anything from them so I was intrigued to see if the quality matched their price tag! And it does, the tops are gorgeous and extremely soft that I just want to live in them all day. I'm wearing a size L and I have lots of room for my growing bump too.
The maternity leggings are from Ingrid & Isabel and they are also extremely soft and comfortable, they fit over the bump and have a lot of give so hopefully these will last the remaining 4 months of pregnancy. 

Leggings - Ingrid & Isabel
Bag - American Apparel

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Love Sarah

Pregnancy Style | Off-the-shoulder top

Hi Cherubs!

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Chambray, Chicwish, Aritzia, Apple Watch, ootd, maternity fashion, pregnancy blog, fbloggers

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wavy red hair, god curl, Fbloggers, chambray top, maternity fashion, pregnancy blog, chicwish

I recently purchased some GHD classic curling irons so I could try and achieve some gorgeous waves, I definitely need some more practice but I do like this hair look. I did burn my ear too which is still quite sore.. If you have any hair tips please leave them in the comments, help a sister out!

I have had this Chicwish off-shoulder top for over a year now and have only really worn it a few times, but since only 10% off my wardrobe fits me at the minute I will be getting more more wear out of it! It looks pretty damn cute with my mini Aritzia skirt which I am having to wear under the bump but it feels really comfortable nonetheless. Lastly I took my Chloe Milly bag out for this outfit because I love the blue shades together with the gold accents!

Top - Chicwish (Similar)
Skirt - Aritzia
Bag - Chloe

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