Amaki Skincare | Bentonite clay facial mud mask

Hi Cherubs!

I hope your week has been lovely! Today I have a mud mask review by Amaki Skincare, I am mask obsessed and I already own far too many for one person, so obviously I picked up another one! This mud mask is a lot different to my others as its clay and you have to mix up the mask yourself, if you want to find out how I got on then keep on reading!

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Firstly what is Bentonite Clay mask and why is it good for our skin? 'Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder has a negative ionic charge. Toxins and impurities have positive charges, and opposites attract! It literally pulls the dirt and grime from your skin, leaving it feeling cleansed, refreshed, and rejuvenated'

This product also claims to clear blackhead and pimples while reducing the size of pores. This is perfect for my skin as I have quite large pores around my nose and I am experiencing a few breakouts at the minute too!

Amaki skincare, bentonite clay, healthy skin, beauty, blogger

As I said earlier I don't have any masks where I have to mix the product with water to create the mask paste, I actually didn't realise when ordering this that it came in powder form and I'm not gonna lie I was a little disappointed just because I hate mess and I like my skincare routine to be pretty quick. I know some people would prefer this but I'm just not that gal! So you mix 1 part clay with 4 parts water and mix until you have a paste consistency, it took my a while to get the required formula right but once I achieved a somewhat smooth paste I applied it all over my face with my hands. I didn't use the brush or the sponge that the product comes with just because It was easier to do with my hands.

Once I applied the mask it started to harden quite quickly and it felt great on my skin! I left the mask on for 15 minute and washed it off with warm water. I am a big fan of clay based products for my skin as it leaves my skin feeling and looking super clean and this mask lived up to that. My skin looked refreshed and spotlessly clean. 

Overall I'm happy with how the mask makes my skin look and feel, I would probably only use it a couple of times a month just to give my skin a deep clean! Have you tried this mask before?

Amaki Skincare - Bentonite clay make *  Buy here

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Love Sarah

Sister Jane | Dreamy wishlist

Hi Cherubs!

The spotlight is on Sister Jane with this weeks dreamy wishlist, featuring beautiful jacquard prints, soft ruffles and a gorgeous colour palette... Everything you expect and more from one of my fave brands. 

Sister Jane, Fashion, blogger, Ruffles, Jaquard prints, womens fashion
1. Longline blazer dress - Grey | 2. Pleated button-down blouse - Mint | 3. Mini ruffles dress - Pink | 4. Jacquard peplum mini dress - Multi |

Let me know which piece you like best! Enjoy the rest of your week <3

Everlane Wishlist here

Love Sarah

Casual Navy

Hi Cherubs!

I hope you have a productive start to your week! Over the weekend I took pictures of one of my fave casual navy outfits which I know will be a firm favourite when the warm weather starts to pick up!

Uniqlo, slip dress, fashion, affordable fashion, womenswear, casual ootd

Uniqlo, gap, affordable womenswear, fashion blogger, navy ootd

navy dress, casual outfit, fashion blogger, red hair, hair blog, womenswear

american apparel basics, uniqlo dress, women wear, affordable fashion

gap check shirt, womenswear, fashion blogger, outfit, style inspiration

Navy slip dress, womenswear, navy outfit, affordable fashion, blogger

You may have seen this dress on my blog before but this time styled completely different. See that post here. Sometimes I think this dress looks a little shapeless so to add a bit of interest I decided to knot one side of the dress and it instantly added a stylish edge, I love it! I also added a simple check shirt to cinch in the waist and too add another element of layering.

Dress - Uniqlo (similar)
Shirt - Gap (similar)
Trainers - Adidas (similar)

Love Sarah

Joico | K-PAK colour therapy

Hi Cherubs!

Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share with you a new product I've been using from a brand that I've just discovered Joico. This product was a thoughtful gift from my friend who knows i'm totally obsessed with hair products! I've been using this Joico K-PAK colour therapy for over a month now, so if you are smitten with hair care products like me then keep reading!

Hair care, Joico, Color treatment, luxury products, hair tips, beauty blogger

Hair care, Hair products, hair treatment, salon, luxury products, beauty blogger

For your reference my hair is quite thick and dry and has a lovely frizz to it 😉 

What does this product claim to do? 'Our instant shine and repair miracle for color treated hair that unlocks the secret to out-of-this-world vibrancy, while providing deep repair, illuminating shine, and the kind of super slip that gives your brush serious glide power. With a single use, prepare yourself for lustworthylocks'

My friend has also been using this and she only had amazing things to say about this product so to say my hopes were high is definitely an understatement. The product itself has quite a creamy oily consistency if you know what I mean, but that makes sense as this treatment has Manketti oil as one of its ingredients. It absorbed quite quickly onto my damp hair and instantly made my hair feel silky and not weighed down. After I rinsed the product off my hair still felt lovely and soft!

This treatment definitely made my coloured hair a lot more vibrant which is great because I tend to find that red hair colour loses its vibrancy quite quickly so a product that can preserve that is a winner for me! My hair looked a lot straighter but it still had some frizz but overall much better! I still had to use my straighteners to iron those out. What I did find though is that my hair felt incredibly soft, like salon soft for days and super shiny! I'm using this once a week and I would repurchase this treatment! Big thumbs up from me. Buy here

Have you tried this product before?

Love Sarah

Everlane | Wardrobe Essentials

Hi Cherubs!

I hope Valentines Day was a lovely one for you guys but remember love day is everyday! With that in mind I highly believe in treating yourself once in a while because you deserve it. I've put together a little wardrobe essentials wish list from Everlane, every single piece will 100% work with what you already have take a look!

Everlane, San francisco brand, Womens fashion, Luxury clothing, affordable
1. Wide leg crop pant - $68 - Black | 2. Collarless square shirt - $75 - Blue/White | 3. Breton cotton dress - $60 - Navy | 4. Pleated skirt - $85 - Navy |

Ever since I saw the wide leg cropped pants on the 'coming soon' section of the Everlane site I knew I would have to buy them, they look so flattering and comfortable I can't wait to get my hands on them.  They also come in a blue and white so definitely check them out! Has anything caught your eye on Everlane?

Love Sarah

Oversized frill stripe shirt

Hi Cherubs!

Zara is totally killing me at the moment I could drop some serious $$$$! I always seem to gravitate towards their shirts as they just have the nicest details and this frill sleeve number had my name all over it! Its super oversized and has lovely sleeves with cute silver buttons on the cuffs, the material is gorgeous quality too!

Zara, stripe shirt, womens fashion, trend, fashion blogger

Red hair, hair tips, outfit, zara, womens fashion

OOTD, blue oversized shirt, denim, womens fashion, fashion blogger

Silver button, shirt details, outfit, womens fashion, zara, fashion blog

Zara shirt, classic style, fashion for women

Frill shoulder details, zara shirt, womens fashion, fashion inspiration

This is such an easy throw on and look good piece and I got so many compliments when wearing this too which is always super nice to hear! Have you spotted any great pieces from Zara recently?

Shirt - Zara

Love Sarah

6 Valentines gifts to fit every budget

Hi Cherubs!

Less than a week to go till Valentines day and whether your buying gifts for your bestie of your lovely lady I've put together a gift guide to fit every single budget! To be honest my husband and I never really go all out usually just a card and a little something! This year I have specifically asked for the giant Reese's heart shaped peanut butter cup because I am an addict, also its $4!!

Farm girl flowers, geese's, Chanel, gift list, valentines day
1. Succulents - $75 - Farmgirl Flowers | 2. Home Indulgence duo - $150 - Jo Malone | 3. Reese's heart shaped peanut butter cup - $4 - Target | 4. Boohoo ice cream pjs - $27 - ASOS | 5. Chanel No5 l'eau - $100 - Sephora | 6. The Sprinkles baking book - $15 - Amazon |

Love Sarah
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