Look Fantastic beauty box | February 2018 edition

Hi Cherubs!

My first beauty box of the year arrived just last week and its a goodun people! 6 lovely samples including 2 of my fave products ever! Find out whats in the box below!

look fantastic, beauty box, skincare, make up, beauty blogger, us blogger, elemis, Trifle cosmetics

Elemis - Pro - Collagen Marine cream | This is one of my fave creams ever! Its super luxurious but with a lightweight formula! I find this super hydrating. Its great for improving the look of dull skin and fine lines. Happy to have this back in my life.

Buy full size here

Caudalie - Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum | This is my other fave. tbh I'm a big fan of the Caudalie Vinosource range, great for dry and sensitive skin. Hydrates skin straight away and leaves you feeling soft and supple again. Can be used as a primer too if you like a dewy look.

Buy full size here

Filorga - Meso-Mask | This sounds like a magic cream! It gives your complexion some radiance and luminosity whilst ridding your skin of wrinkles. You can leave on for 15-30 mins or as an overnight mask and let your skin absorb all the goodness whilst you sleep. If any of my readers has tried this before let me know what you think!

Buy full size here

Look Fantastic, beauty box, skincare, make up, Elemis, Caudalie, beauty blogger

Dr. PAWPAW - Original Multipurpose Clear Balm | I have never used or heard of this product or brand before. However this sounds amazing, a super hydrating balm that you can use wherever your skin needs hydration. It can also be used for skin irritations, nappy rash and sunburn!

Buy full size here

Bellapierre - Shimmer roll in Champagne | It wouldn't be a beauty box without some make up now would it! This shimmer roll can be used as eyeshadow or highlight. I love the fact that this is a rollerball for easy application on the go.

Buy here

Trifle Cosmetics - Sublime Lip Scrub in Sugar Pear | I have never ever used a lip scrub before, can not wait to see what all the fuss is about. It helps lipstick apply flawlessly and last longer.

Buy here

Look Fantastic, Beauty box, LFBEAUTYBOX, Skincare, Make up, Elemis, Caudalie

Which product is your favorite? Let me know in the comment box below lovelies! The product I am most looking forward to trying is the Dr. PAWPAW balm. 

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Love Sarah

Postpartum body image

Hi Cherubs!

Postpartum, body image, stretch marks, mental health, new mom, weight loss

A few of my friends that have had babies have been lucky enough to look like nothing has happened to their bodies after delivery...Their words not mine! Well guess what, that did not happen to me!! 
The day after I gave birth I looked in the mirror and was horrified, I did not recognize myself at all. I was swollen from all the fluids, my stomach still looked around 6 months pregnant, I had stretch marks and not to mention a c-section scar to get used to. And yes looking at my sweet baby girl I know its all worth it but I can want my gorgeous girl and a Victoria Secret model worthy body right? 

Postpartum, new mom, new born, mom blogger, weight loss, yoga, fashion, blogger

I'm 11 weeks postpartum and have lost the 35lbs I put on this pregnancy and 10lbs that I put on in my previous pregnancy (which ended in miscarriage at 12 weeks) so thats 45lbs total. Am I happy with my postpartum body now? Sometimes! I still pick apart things that I don't like and probably won't be able to change. Like stretch marks, will they ever go? I apply lotions and potions everyday in the hopes that I'm making a small difference. I have a soft stomach which turns into a noticeable roll when I sit down. My boobs are gigantic from breastfeeding, I know I should be happy about this one but I miss my small chest so much!! 
Then other days I'm totally feeling myself and can't believe how slim I'm looking and how flat my stomach looks, I know I've said this before but postpartum hormones are CRAZY!

Lalabu baby, postpartum leggings, postpartum, new mom, weight loss, yoga, fashion blogger

There are a few things that I've been doing to help with my self esteem and getting my pre baby body back. After being given the go ahead to work out from my doctor I went straight back to Corepower yoga where I do hot yoga 2-3 times a week, first week back was incredibly hard and my abs did not know what hit them seriously! But that aching feeling after a work out instantly improves my mood!

mental health, baby blues, stretch marks, weight loss, postpartum, new mom, mom blog

Eating healthy and using MyFitnessPal. I am always more successful at losing weight using MyFitnessPal because theres nothing like seeing exactly what you're eating in a day and in my case the sugar consumption to put my diet back on track. Its easy to count carbs or calories with this app which ever you prefer, I personally have better results counting carbs. I know people say not to diet too much whilst breastfeeding but I have not noticed a reduction in my supply and I pump around 5 times a day so it is something I would notice straight away. But again everyone and every body is different. Another app I use to keep me on track is called 'My Weight' and you basically just add your weight in as often as you feel like. You can set a goal weight and a goal time to hit and view your progress on a chart. I put my weight in from the day before I gave birth and its pretty amazing to see my progress on the chart. Again it's just another way of motivating myself by seeing those numbers dropping week by week.

Lalabu baby, postpartum leggings, postpartum body, weight loss, mental health, fitness

Ditching maternity clothes. I definitely held onto my maternity clothing and baggy things a little longer than I should have. Although if your clothes still fit then keep them of course but after a while mine didn't and they didn't do me any favors. Postpartum leggings have been a lifesaver for me because they give so much support around my stomach and are very flattering! Perfect for lounging around with your newborn and running errands. The ones I'm wearing in this post are incredibly comfortable, I highly recommend investing in a pair!! Postpartum dressing can be tricky especially if you need easy access to your lady lumps but since I'm just pumping its been a little easier and I can pretty much wear whatever I like and its been so much fun squeezing back into my favorite items!

Postpartum, weight loss, health, fitness, yoga, stretch marks, new mom, mental health

Those small things have been helping me feel and look good whilst I'm in this postpartum stage, and I know we all have good and bad days so its important to just listen to your body, do things that make you happy and enjoy your little one!

Top - American Apparel
Shirt - Gap
Leggings - Lalabu*
Trainers - Nike

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Love Sarah

Jurlique bestsellers | My first Impressions

Hi Cherubs!

It feels like a lifetime ago that I posted about beauty and I've missed it terribly! One of my favorite things about being a blogger is discovering brands, trying out new products and writing up my thoughts in my little corner online. And this post is just that!

Jurlique is a well known luxe brand that I have come across many times and they have always been on my list to try, so obvs I was extremely excited when a surprise package turned up at my door with their bestselling products inside. I have tried out these 4 products for around two weeks now so this is definitely a first impressions review!

Jurlique, Mist, Hand cream, Serum, Beauty, Luxury, skincare, Hydration, Skinstore, Bbloggers

Jurlique - Activating Water Essence* - $55  | This is the one product I thought I would like the least but actually its my favorite of the bunch and I'm probs gonna have to stock up so I never have a day without this water essence! I sound dramatic but I really mean it. The first time I tried this I went straight to my husband and said 'You need to try this!'. Yep he loved it too. Anyway the main reason I love this product is the scent, it smells like the most indulgent spa treatment you've ever had, its grown up and super relaxing. The other reason I like this is because its very hydrating and its taken my dry skin down a notch. To use you simply pour a few drops onto your hands, warm slightly and press into skin, it feels glorious. I let my skin soak this in before moving onto serum and moisturizer.

Buy here

Jurlique, SkinStore, Beauty, luxury, skincare, beauty blogger, bbloggers, review, toner

Jurlique - Rosewater Balancing Mist* - $24 | I'm not the biggest fan of rose scented things mainly because it tends to be quite strong. This mist in particular (and the hand cream) aren't too strongly scented so it hasn't put me off using the product. That said Jurlique have a lavender mist on their site which is 100% more me. I have only recently started using mists as a part of my skincare routine and I adore them especially in the morning as its a relaxing wake up call for my skin. I'm planning on taking this on my flight to London this March because 11 hours on a plane is going to seriously dry out my skin more than it is already.

Buy here

Jurlique, SkinStore, US Blogger, Beauty, skincare, face mist, serum, luxury, bbloggers

Jurlique - Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum* - $69 | Serums have been a lifesaver for my dry skin and I have loved using this one by Jurlique for the past two weeks. It has a gorgeous silky consistency and absorbs well into the skin. I can't really say whether its made me look younger after two weeks of use but my skin has felt plumper and hydrated which is a dream for me. I only use one pump of this serum for my face, neck and décolletage, a little goes a long way! 

Buy here

Jurlique, SkinStore, Hand cream, luxury, beauty blogger, body care, rose scent

Jurlique - Rose Hand Cream* - $19 | I am that person who has hand cream in every bag and in every room of the house because dry hands are the worst. My hands are incredibly dry at the moment and I think its down to having a newborn and constantly using hand sanitizer (which I also have in every bag and every room of the house!) Despite this being rose scented I do really like the cream. Its not the fastest absorbing hand cream but once it is fully absorbed my hands feel ultra soft but not greasy. Its quite a thick luxurious cream and keeps my hands hydrated for quite a while. Jurlique have 3 other hand creams in citrus, lavender and jasmine so there is something to suit everyones taste.

Buy here

Have you tried Jurlique before? Which are your favorite products?

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Love Sarah

The most perfect Topshop loafers

Hi Cherubs!

I am currently writing this post whilst keeping an eye on Mina on the baby monitor, I should really be showering but I'm really trying to stick to my blogging schedule! How times have changed. 

As you may have guessed by my post title I have some new loafers to show you which I am pretty damn obsessed with. I have been on the hunt for a while to replace my very old Zara patent loafers which have seen better days. I struggled a little to find something I liked and everything I did love was a lot of dollar! I didn't want to spend too much so I checked out Topshop, I haven't purchased shoes from Topshop in years! As soon as I saw these gorge metal ring loafers I knew they were the ones, not the cheapest at $85 but more purse friendly than my other faves. LOVE THEM.

Equipment, Nordstrom rack, Silk, Dress, Postpartum, Fbloggers, Braids, All black outfit

Nordstrom Rack, Equipment, Silk, Stripes, Fbloggers, Postpartum, Mommy blog, Topshop, Loafers

Nordstrom Rack, Silk shirt dress, Equipment, Designer, High Street, Fashion, Mommy blog, Postpartum

Topshop, Norstrom, Loafers, New in, High Street, Mommy blog, Shoes, SOTD, Postpartum

Nordstrom Rack, Equipment, Designer, High Street, All black outfit, Mommy blog, silk shirt dress

Aren't they pretty? I recommend sizing up if you're into these loafers, they are leather and have definitely stretched a little but there is no way my normal size would have fit me. These are a nice change from my normal trainers which I seem to be living in at the moment #momlife. They are simple and chic and will pretty much go with everything.

I am living for all black outfits at the moment as they are just easy but I decided to change it up a little and add my silk stripe shirt by Equipment. I bought this when I was heavily pregnant as a little treat and I am so happy I can finally wear it. I love it layered over my black knit!

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Knit - Whistles (Old)
Shirt - Equipment via Nordstrom Rack
Leggings - American Apparel
Shoes - Topshop

Love Sarah

AllSaints luxury knitwear

Hi Cherubs!

AllSaints has been a favorite of mine ever since I worked in the London Spitalfields store whilst I was at University (many many years ago) The knitwear is always luxurious and lasts a long time as you'd expect with the hefty price tag! I decided to treat myself in the sale as they had an extra 25% off and I was in need of some new knits to get me through the winter. The extra 25% off is still running btw so make sure you check out the sale here.

I decided on the Inaya merino cardigan because its a great layering piece and I adore the cut and style, its also something that I'm going to wear to death so I could justify the price. I definitely could and would have bought more, I'm still pretty tempted to go and have another nosey 👀

Everlane, OOTD, Black. AllSaints, Luxury knitwear, Merino wool, Postpartum, YSL Bag, Loafers

AllSaints, Merino wool, Luxury knitwear, OOTD, Postpartum, New Mom, Mommy Blog,

AllSaints, Everlane, Wide leg pants, YSL BAG, Black, OOTD, merino wool, Mommy blog, Chic outfit, casual

Dainty Jewelry, OOTD, Casual outfit, Fashion, mommy blog, postpartum,

AllSaints, Everlane, American Apparel, AASELFIE, Mommy blog, Postpartum fashion

AllSaints, Everlane, Winter, Fashion, OOTD, Mommy blog, Postpartum, Weight loss,

AllSaints, Everlane, Zara, Patent loafers, fashion, Postpartum, Mommy blog, weight loss, New mom

AllSaints, Everlane, AAselfie, OOTD, Winter, Merino wool, Postpartum, New Mom, Weight loss,

As I said above I love the cut of this merino cardigan, it's an oversized style with drop shoulders and a substantial split up the sides. It also comes with a tie which I do occasionally wear but for this casual look I decided to leave it out. I've paired it with a simple t-shirt and my Everlane wide leg trousers which I couldn't fit into 4 weeks ago! I'm pretty impressed with how my body has shrunk down after having my baby, I still have some toning to do but I'm just thankful I can start wearing my pre-pregnancy wardrobe again.

Have you bought anything in the AllSaints sale?

T-Shirt - American Apparel
Cardigan - AllSaints
Trousers - Everlane
Shoes - Zara (old)
Bag - Saint Laurent

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Love Sarah

New mom essentials from Itzy Ritzy

Hi Cherubs!

Navigating new Mom life is not an easy task and I'm still trying to figure it all out myself. 7 weeks postpartum and I finally feel like I have some sort of routine going, I mean I still don't manage to shower till late afternoon but my baby is fed and happy and I've pumped and washed bottles a bunch of times so I feel like I'm winning!

Itzy Ritzy is a lovely brand created by a team of young parents who strive to make this whole parenting thing as easy and stylish as possible. Every product on their site is an essential and they kindly sent me a few things to try and I also purchased a few things myself because I am a sucker for their prints!

car seat cover, nursing cover, breastfeeding, Itzy Ritzy, new mom, Newborn

Chevron print, car seat cover, breastfeeding, Nursing cover, Itzy Ritzy, New mom, Diaper bag essentials

Itzy Ritzy, Car seat cover, Baby, New Mom, Newborn, Chevron print, Baby gear

Mom Boss 

Ok first new mom essential that should always be on hand is this multi use cover. Use it for nursing, car seat cover, shopping cart cover and infinity scarf. I have mainly been using this as a car seat cover and for the occasional nursing session if I'm out. I love the print, the quality feels great and it looks stylish too. I never leave the house without this because I love to cover up Mina when we're out because she's still so small and I'm trying to keep her away from as many germs as possible especially because its flu season. Itzy Ritzy have 5 cute prints available in this cover, go check them out here.

Mom boss 4 in 1 multi use cover* - Buy here

Breastfeeding, Normalize breastfeeding, Cover, Infinity scarf, Itzy Ritzy, Baby gear

Itzy Ritzy, Nursing accessories, Breastfeeding, Leather cuff, Breastfeeding help, Chic, Baby gear

Itzy Ritzy, Leather Cuff, Breastfeeding, infinity scarf, Breast pumping, Baby gear, New Mom

Breastfeeding scarf, Full coverage scarf, Infinity scarf, leather cuff, Nursing, New mom

Nursing Happens 

I've actually only used this a handful of times because I have a super fussy baby when it comes to latching so I mainly pump and bottle feed, but I'll go into more detail in a separate breastfeeding post. I will be flying to the UK in a few months and I'm planning on pumping on the 11 hour flight so this scarf will be a lifesaver as I don't really want the whole plane to see me attached to a breast pump. Again this is amazing quality, its super soft and breathable as its made from modal cotton. It comes with a leather cuff which you can use to keep your shirt out of the way whilst pumping or as a little reminder of which breast to nurse from next. I love the little note etched into the cuff from Itzy Ritzy, 'You're doing a great job' So sweet! This is probably the chicest nursing scarf I've come across, what do you think? 

Nursing Happens Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf* - Buy here

Itzy Ritzy, Teething necklace, teething baby, baby gear, Newborn, New mom

Itzy Ritzy, Baby gear, Nursing scarf, Teething necklace, Snack bag, Teething baby, Newborn, New mom, Mom blog

Teething Happens 

Ok so I haven't used this for the purpose its meant for yet as my baby is 7 weeks old and has no teeth, thank heavens! I've just been wearing it as a necklace and it means Mina can grab it and play with it instead of my dainty gold chains which I normally wear. Itzy Ritzy have plenty of gorgeous teething necklaces which are all non toxic and soft on baby gums. If you're not into teething jewelry then you should check out the fun silicone teething shapes available in cactus, pineapple and Ice cream shapes. They are also available at Target too!

Teething Happens Assorted Bead Necklace* - Buy here

Whilst I was shopping in Nordstrom Rack a few months ago I picked up the Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens pouch in chevron print which I mainly keep my snacks in because breastfeeding makes me one hungry momma! I promise I'll share the bag with Mina when she's eating solids! I also picked up the Travel Happens wet bag which has been a total lifesaver. We've had quite a few little accidents whilst out and its so handy keeping clean clothes in this and then swopping them out for the soiled items, it just means the mess is contained until you get home and can deal with the situation 💩 

All the items I've talked about in this post are super affordable but if you're looking for an absolute bargain then definitely check out Nordstrom Rack friends.

What are you favorite items from Itzy Ritzy?

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Everlane short puffer jacket

Hi Cherubs!

My first post of 2018 is long overdue but Happy New Year! I'm trying to post at least once a week from here on out but new born life is pretty full on but I'm trying to make it happen! I thought I'd start off the new year showing a very weather appropriate outfit featuring my lovely Everlane puffer jacket which was a Christmas gift from my love! This jacket has been on my radar ever since I saw a sneaky glimpse on the Everlane Insta stories. I just loved the shape, the matte fabric and those square pockets on the front, its beaut and the chicest puffer I've seen. Also its vegan!

Winter, puffer jacket, Everlane, Vegan, Style, OOTD, WIWT, coat, fbloggers, Fashion

Everlane, black puffer jacket, short jacket, winter fashion, style, ootd, wiwt, Fashion blogger

Everlane, short puffer jacket, black, Winter coat, Fashion, Style, Fashion blogger

Winter jacket, Puffer Jacket, Vegan, Fashion, Style, OOTD, Fashion blogger

Winter coat, Everlane, Puffer Jacket, Black, Fashion, Style, OOTD, Fbloggers

Warm coat, Winter jacket, Fashion, Style, OOTD, WIWT, Fbloggers, Everlane

The weather has been pretty miserable here in CA the past few days with constant rain and lower temps but its been great to finally be able to wear this puffer and its just a dream to wear, so cozy and comfortable! Everlane offer a few puffer styles so you should definitely check them out if you're after a new coat. I'm heading to the UK pretty soon and I can't wait to take this with me, I won't be able to survive the cold weather otherwise!

Jacket - Everlane
T-shirt - Whistles via ASOS
Jeans - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Senso (old)

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