Its Swimwear season | 5 Swimsuits you need this summer

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FYI all swimsuits in this weeks wish list are normal size (non maternity) so I won't be buying them but you lovely lot can. Maternity swimwear options are utterly depressing and boring, I managed to buy one which is all black and hopefully will be flattering but I did find shopping for maternity styles a harrowing chore. Anyways I have linked 5 super chic styles perfect for this summers holiday/vacation. Let me know which is your favourite, my fave is number 5 ๐Ÿ˜

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1. Colour block swimsuit - $238 - Free People | 2. Black swimsuit with contrast trim - $230 - Topshop | 3. Colour block swimsuit - $50 - Topshop | 4. Stripe lace-up swimsuit - $146 - Urban Outfitters | 5. Patchwork swimsuit - $- - Urban Outfitters |

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Black and White maternity outfit

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Topshop, Maternity, Baby bump, Pregnancy photos, Pregnancy styles, OOTD, WIWT, Fashion Blogger

Steve Madden, Slide Sandals, Nordstrom, SOTD, Fashion Blogger, style,

Pregnancy blogger, Baby bump, Gingham top, Topshop, Maternity, Fashion Blogger, stylist

Everything I'm wearing in this post is Topshop Maternity and I know I said in a recent post that I wasn't going to buy everything maternity but bottoms and tops are inevitable because of length and ahem width issues! The jeans are under the bump jamie skinny jeans and I dunno, I like the look of them but they just feel strange and I think its mainly because i'm so used to wearing high waist jeans (which I can't wear anymore) that these feel like they are constantly falling down, or maybe i'm not big enough for them yet. as I did also buy them in a size bigger than normal. I wish we had a Topshop store here where I could just try the whole range on and make a decision then. 

Anyway I love the gingham top its perfect for summer and also I like the tie detail which helps define my bump better and makes me look obviously preggers rather than I've just put on a fair few lbs (which I most definitely have!) This stage of pregnancy is hard body wise because I just feel like I look like a flump and I don't feel as confident as I did before, I think this comes across in my photos too. 

The Steve Madden slides have been a lifesaver too, so incredibly comfortable and keep my feet cool whilst looking super stylish with the satin bow.

Top - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop

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Affordable & Luxury slide sandals from Nordstrom

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I've compiled two wish lists today of some gorgeous slide sandals which are perfect for this heat wave we are having at the moment. I actually popped into my local Nordstrom a few days ago and I was super impressed by the sheer amount of options, I actually picked up two pairs myself, these Adidas ones and these Steve Madden ones (other colour way listed in the wish list below) Slides are pretty easy to style, just wear with your fave jeans, day dress or shorts. I've been wearing mine with my culottes and my gym gear as they are the perfect go to yoga shoe. Let me know which is your fave!

Nordstrom, Affordable, slide sandals, Ivy Park, Fenty Puma, Vans, footwear, summer, fashion, blogger
 1. Satin bow slide sandals - Fenty Puma - $89.95 - White | 2. Logo embossed slide sandals - Ive Park - $35 -  Khaki | 3. Embellished slide sandal - Jeffrey Campbell - $154.95 -  Mint | 4. Foral Bow slide sandal - Steve Madden - $39.95 - Multi | 5. Black and white check slide sandal - Vans - $29.95 - Multi |

Luxury, Nordstrom, Sandals, slides, Givenchy, Valentino, Gucci, Fashion, Footwear, casual, blogger
1.  Rockstud slide sandal - Valentino - $325 - Pink | 2. Tiger print slide sandals - Gucci - $320 - Multi | 3. YSL logo slide sandal - YSL - $495 - Nude | 4. Bold logo slide sandal - Givenchy - $295 - Black | 5. Crystal and pearl slide sandal - Tory Burch - $225 - Navy |

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& Other Stories oversized shirt dress perfect for a growing bump

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and other stories, Oversized shirt dress, blush, fashion, blogger, pregnant blogger

and other stories, oversized shirt dress, blush, fashion blogger, pregnancy blog. red hair

and other stories,, Blush, Shirt dress, maternity fashion, fashion blogger

and other stories, blush dress, maternity fashion, fashion blogger, high street, chic

and other stories, maternity fashion, rose gold apple watch, fashion blogger,  pregnancy blog

I've been doing a lot of online 'window shopping' recently trying to figure out what I can wear for my growing bump, something that isn't gonna make me look like a sack of potatoes but something that will last and won't be a huge waste of money too. I bought 2 dresses from and I had to send one back which I am totally gutted about but it was already tight on me and that is not a good sign of longevity! But this oversized shirt dress is perfect, it looks really cute with my small bump and when I get bigger I think it will look lovely too, I may have to wear it with leggings by then though.
When I first wore this I didn't know that it was kinda see-through ๐Ÿ˜ Awks!!! But I bought a nude half slip which has sorted that issue out and now I can wear this with confidence and not be flashing people. Other than that little slip up I absolutely love wearing this, its comfortable;e and I love that it has short sleeves too! They did have this in black which I wanted to buy as well but my size is never available! 

Sandals - Miista (old)
Watch - Apple

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Pixi | Peel & Polish review & Giveaway!!

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Happy Friday, I hope your week has been a good one and your weekend is promising. I have a really exciting post today, my first proper giveaway and its open worldwide because why not hey! I was kindly sent 3 of the new Pixi Peel & Polish and I've already given one to a friend so I thought I would do a spontaneous giveaway with the last one, I will explain how to enter later on in the post ๐Ÿ‘€

Pix Beauty, Pixi, Peel & Polish, Skincare, Bblogger, Beaut blogger, Professional skincare

Pix Beauty, Pixi, Giveaway, Skincare, All skin types, Bblogger, Beauty Blogger, Review

Pixi - Peel & Polish | I was extremely excited when I received this in the mail, I am a big fan of Pixi skincare range, one of my favourite products is the Glow Mud Cleanser which I blogged about here
The only time i've ever had a peel is when i've had a professional facial which has only happened twice in my life... I know I am failing as a human being. So this at home professional salon peel concept is very exciting and also much more purse-friendly. A facial can cost you anywhere between $60 - $300+. 

The packaging is on point and is easily a recognisable Pixi product, I love this type of tube too as it means no product waste, it's also not too big so perfect for travelling with. I am a big sophisticated and fresh scent lover and this is a perfect hybrid of the two, you can definitely smell the cucumber in this peel. 
The consistency is as you would expect from a peel, a fine gritty lotion and this Pixi peel is made from sugar to extract and polish the skin (i'm a big fan of sugar scrubs and I use one for my body by Soap and glory FYI) I've been using this twice a week concentrating the product around my nose and cheeks as thats where I get the most annoying blackheads and dry skin. Pixi recommend using the peel in the AM and or PM 2-3 times per week, applying to a dry face and neck and leave on for around 5 mins, then rince off and pat dry. If you want a more intense polish then Pixi recommends gently massaging the face and neck with your fingertips in circular motions which I have been doing as my skin has got so dry since being pregnant. 
Because the product is so gritty it does take me a while to make sure I've removed all the peel, so to do this I use a warm damp flannel rest it on my face for a few seconds and then I gently remove, I do this step twice with a warm flannel and then a final time with a cold flannel, this is just what has worked for me. Also applying a cold compress helps with any redness after a peel/exfoliation.
My skin tends to be quite sensitive but has worked really well with this peel, the skin around my nose and cheeks is a little red after but thats because I do concentrate the product there just to help with removing my blackheads (which it does quite well๐Ÿ‘) But my skins softness is unreal, it has made such a difference using this twice a week, it takes the dullness away and leaves baby soft skin, I still have a few blackheads but I personally think the only real way to get rid of them is by extraction and i'm too much of a wimp to do that myself! 
This is a brand new product by Pixi and it costs $24 which is so good for such a professional peel, I love it and I would purchase it myself, buy here


All you have to do to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a Peel & Polish for yourselves:

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Tag one of your friends in the comments

I will announce the winner by direct message next Friday, 23/06
And thats it!

Good luck to you all ๐Ÿ’•

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5 Affordable Spring/Summer Maternity dresses from ASOS

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I wanted to start off by saying a huge thank you to everyone who read my last post about my experience with miscarriage and my current pregnancy, it has had such a great response and that means the absolute world to me. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, its a big deal, and my post is actually my most popular to date which suggests that people do wanna talk about it and thats amazing! ๐Ÿ’•

Moving on to maternity fashion which is honestly not the most fun thing ever, I've been looking into brands and I feel like a lot of it is just the same old and pretty boring. ASOS and Topshop are the only places i've really fund which I would actually consider buying from. However I don't necessarily think you have to buy 'maternity' specific items, you can be smart with your purchases. I recently bought a gorgeous nude oversized shirt dress from & Other Stories which will be on my blog on Monday. If you buy things a little bigger, maybe even oversized I think they will work for a few months at least. Also consider buying midi length dresses and skirts as the main issue with non maternity clothes is that the front of dresses/skirts/tops end up being too short. There are a few items you will have to buy for pregnancy like jeans with the over the bomp band and longer tees.

ASOS, Maternity dresses, Pregnancy fashion, Fbloggers, Sarah Satongar, Wish list,
1. Shirt dress with embroidery - $64 - Pink | 2. Mamalicious stripe shift dress - $56 - Multi | 3. Gingham smock dress - $45 - Red | 4. Check smock dress - $51 - Black | 5. Daisy print midi dress - $45 - Black |

ASOS and Topshop are pretty reasonably priced so I think they are a great place to start, I really don't wanna start spending ridiculous amounts on clothes because I'll only be wearing them for a few months. But as you can see from this wish list I have a thing for smock dresses...I have always thought pregnant ladies look so stylish in them and they are easy and comfortable and thats my main aim for the next 5 months. One of the annoying symptoms of pregnancy is bloating I guess because things are getting pretty cramped down there and hormones are slowing down your digestive system, so any pressure on your stomach just adds to that uncomfortable feeling. This is why I am living in my culottes (see previous post here)

Thanks again for reading!

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Miscarriage, Pregnancy announcement and 1st trimester update

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If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know the very exciting news that I am pregnant! I am 15 weeks and officially settled in to the 2nd trimester which is 10000000x better than the 1st for many reasons which I will go into. It has been a tough little secret to keep to myself especially when I regularly post pictures of myself online, and my body has been changing a lot (some people already figured it out).
My husband and I are extremely excited for our little family but it definitely hasn't been plain sailing. I did want to mention our struggle because I would hate for anyone having a tough time conceiving to read my blog and think we had it easy. We found that the topics of infertility, miscarriage or simply the length of time it takes to conceive were not often discussed even though for many, the road to children can be difficult.

My miscarriage experience

Well over a year ago now we decided it was the perfect time for us to start trying for a baby, we'd just found out we got our visa to stay in America, my husband had an amazing job offer, basically everything was perfect! After 3 months of trying we got pregnant... I was so relieved that it happened quickly and that I could get pregnant. I used ovulation kits to track the exact time I ovulated and I do recommend the clear blue tests if you are trying yourselves. When we found out we were back home in the UK packing up all our belongings for the big move and saying our goodbyes. By the time we got back to San Jose I was around 10 weeks pregnant, suffering with all day nausea and extreme tiredness so I kind of thought all was well. Our first appointment was at 11 weeks, I was over the moon excited for my first ultrasound and to see our little baby. The first red flag for me was that the baby was too small for the normal on-the-belly ultrasound (at 11 weeks baby should have been so much bigger) so then they had to proceed with a transvaginal one. Once they got a clear view my OB confirmed the pregnancy and informed me I had multiples (they were unsure whether there were 2 or 3). However I could tell by her face that it wasn't a viable pregnancy. The babies stopped developing past 8.5 weeks, a D&C procedure (pregnancy and tissue removal) was scheduled for the following week. It all happened pretty quick, one minute I was over the moon happy and pregnant then next I wasn't pregnant anymore and numb. This miscarriage has been one of the hardest things for me and my husband to go through especially living over 5000 miles from home. But you get through it.

It took 2 months for my body to get rid of the pregnancy hormone, I constantly took cheap tests and got so annoyed when they still showed I was pregnant, I also had blood tests weekly to get a more accurate reading. I also had to have another D&C procedure which was way more painful than my first one to get rid of the last bit of tissue. Finally 2 months later we were allowed to try again, It took a lot longer this time 6 months (I know this isn't long compared to others but when you've had a miscarriage it feels like a lifetime) I actually found out a week before my missed period which was totally different to last time when I found out a week after, and I put this down to the herbal vitamins I was taking (prenatal, calcium/fibre, omega 3, Vitex).

My 1st trimester update

Pregnancy blog, Pregnany blogger, 15 weeks pregnant, maternity clothing, fashion blogger

As I mentioned I found out a week before my missed period which was amazing because the 2 week wait is an absolute killer! I don't remember feeling overly excited or emotional, just worried. I didn't do any fancy reveal to my husband he knew I religiously took pregnancy tests anyway! I emailed my OB straight away and scheduled a blood test which confirmed the pregnancy.

After waiting 3 weeks we finally had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and as you can imagine we were both pretty nervous but also prepared for bad news. My OB has been seriously amazing through this whole process and put us out of our misery straight away and showed us the heartbeat. The little bean was measuring right on schedule and had a heartbeat of 165! It was such a different experience than our last ultrasound.

Pregnancy Symtoms 

I should probably talk about my pregnancy symptoms which kicked off around week 6 with all day nausea. Oh my it was bad; feeling so sick that you don't wanna eat but getting mild relief from eating.  I had vey little energy too, no desire to do anything but sleep and sleep was the only thing that helped my nausea so I caved in and slept a lot! My skin has always been oily but since being pregnant I now have quite dry skin especially on my cheeks and forehead. Acid reflux and heartburn... pregnancy is pretty glamorous isn't it? 
My nausea and tiredness stopped around week 12 and I have felt pretty much back to my normal self. I have started working out again doing yoga 3 times a week and Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project 3 times a week. I have always loved the Tracy Anderson workouts and the pregnancy exercises are so good and target your bum/thighs and arms whilst being safe for your baby. The first time I did it I was so sore the next day!

Pregnancy cravings and aversions

My number 1 craving is a cheese salad sandwich and I pretty much eat one for my lunch everyday. I'm also partial to raw onion, pickled onions and gherkins (not sorry) I guess I haven't had many, sometimes I just get a random craving but its just a one off like one day I really wanted a sweet apple. 
I have quite a few aversions and they are probably going to make me feel sick whilst I type them out! Banana, avocado, Caesar salad, any nut butters and orange juice. I'm vegetarian but one smell that makes my mouth water is a roast chicken but don't worry I would never go there!

At 13 weeks I had my nuchal translucency scan where they measure baby's neck to rule out down syndrome and trisomy 18 I think it is, along with a 1st trimester blood test and a second trimester blood test doctors can tell you whether baby is at risk from some specific health problems. Whilst I had my scan I did ask the technician to see if she could tell what sex the baby was and she did tell us but we are waiting to get the gender confirmed in a months time before we reveal that info. Honestly I don't mind either way I'm just relieved our baby's measurements were on the healthy side, so fingers crossed!

I'm currently feeling so good and happy about my pregnancy, the first 3 months was quite tense and I didn't want to get too excited in case we had bad news again. But now i'm feeling good and starting to plan for the future, i've even bought a few basic baby grows. I'm starting to think about prams and cots and would love to hear your recommendations! I'm going to be compiling a few wish lists and making comparisons of my favourite brands so you'll have to keep your eye out for those! My clothes are getting tight and i've had to ditch my old jeans now as they are just too uncomfortable to wear now, which brings me nicely to my outfit!

Red hair, Maternity fashion, baby bump, 15 weeks pregnant, pregnant blogger, pregnancy blog, miscarriage

Topshop, Topshop maternity, maternity fashion, baby bump, 15 weeks pregnant, fashion, style

Topshop, Topshop maternity, maternity fashion, pregnancy blog, pregnant blogger, 15 weeks pregnant, fashion, style

Topshop maternity, maternity fashion, Fashion blogger, 15 weeks pregnant, pregnancy blog, miscarriage

I ordered around 5 pairs of jeans and these culottes from Topshop maternity the other day as all my other bottoms are just way too tight to wear comfortably now. I ordered so many because I wasn't sure of sizing and fit so I won't be keeping them all. One item I wasn't expecting to like is these black culottes. I normally hate culottes on me because the majority cling to my hips and just look awful so with this in mind a ordered a couple of sizes up to see if the fit was better. They hang so nicely off my hips and are super flattering, if you have hips like me and want to be able to wear culottes I recommend sizing up a size or two. The waist is a little big but nothing a safety pin can't fix and lets be honest, the waist isn't gonna be big for long. I teamed my culottes with a basic tee and my Birkenstocks, I guarantee this is going to be my most worn outfit this pregnancy as its so comfortable and keeps me cool in this California weather!

Top - American Apparel
Culottes - Topshop Maternity
Sandals - Birkenstock

Thank you for reading, I hope I haven't left any vital information out about my pregnancy journey. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or start up a conversation in the comments, miscarriage and infertility doesn't have to be a taboo subject, so lets talk about it!

Love Sarah

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