First trimester update | Baby number 2

Hi Cherubs!

So you've probably worked out why I've been neglecting my blog for the past few months.. Thats right we're expecting baby number 2 and final baby I might add! Its been a tough old thing to keep to myself especially with how horrendous the first trimester has been this time around. But I made it through and now I can hopefully enjoy the second trimester until my back pain starts to kick in. I know people always go on about how the second trimester is just so bloody wonderful but thats only because the first and third are awful. But for me second trimester is also pretty tough mentally and physically. With all the body changes and then I suffer with my back whether pregnant or not but pregnancy seems to exacerbate that. I'm going off tangent! Lets get into my experience with the first trimester with baby number 2.

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First trimester symptoms and finding out

I stopped breastfeeding at 10.5 months postpartum and we actually planned to start trying that month however I didn't get a positive ovulation test so we didn't bother. I didn't feel worried about not ovulating because I read a tonne of info online about your body taking some time to get back on schedule after breastfeeding, so just fyi if your trying to conceive whilst breastfeeding or just stopping. The following month I got a positive ovulation test so my body got back on track pretty quick. 12 days after I ovulated I got a positive pregnancy test too... Shocked doesn't quite cover it. With my previous pregnancies it took 6-8 months to conceive so this was a big deal for me. It kind of caught me off guard, like shit if this pregnancy is viable I'm gonna have 2 kids under 2. I didn't have very many early pregnancy symptoms other than major mood swings, I'm gonna put it bluntly I was pretty much a bitch for 2 weeks. I kinda thought if I'm not pregnant then something is seriously off with me. So glad thats over with now, my marriage is safe ha.

This pregnancy got off to a worrying start. From the positive test I started spotting, I knew it was normal but I had never experienced it with my previous pregnancies. At 6 weeks pregnant I had a lot more bleeding and I just couldn't shake this feeling that something wasn't right. I emailed my doctor and she got me in to see her the next day. My doctor wanted to check that the pregnancy was in the right place so she gave me an ultrasound, at 6 weeks you can't see much. A sac and a tiny little line which was the baby, the pregnancy was in my uterus which was a huge relief to us all. My doctor said she could see a flicker of a heartbeat but I couldn't see it to be honest. I felt a little reassured after the ultrasound but I did some blood work to see if my hcg was raising and fortunately it was. A few days after the ultrasound my bleeding stopped. Typical.

At 6 weeks is when the all day nausea kicked in and then week 7 I started throwing up pretty much 30 mins after every meal. It was so exhausting! It was just so hard to leave the house and enjoy myself at all. Gosh the first trimester is tiring. I think having a toddler to run around after probably helped me out really as she kept me busy and took my mind off of the nausea. I finally stopped throwing up at week 12 and then week 13 my nausea subsided. 5 weeks of throwing up everyday doesn't sound like a big deal does it? But when you're in it it seems like a lifetime, I complained so much during those 5 weeks. My hormones were crazy! I should also add that I've had the worst skin too, huge painful spots along my jawline and just when I think I've got rid of one another pops up. When will I get the pregnancy glowing skin please?  
My 8 week ultrasound went really well, it was reassuring to see some growth and my husband came along to this one and it just made this pregnancy feel real, scarily real! Like were actually doing this!

I decided to opt for the Nuchal Translucency test again which looks for abnormalities and trisomy 18 and Down syndrome. The test entails a first trimester blood draw, a 45 min scan around 13 weeks and finally a second trimester blood draw. My scan went really well, baby was measuring perfectly and so far I am negative for all the screenings. Fingers crossed for the last hurdle.

Thats everything for my symtoms so far. I would love to hear your first trimester symptoms too.

Pregnancy announcement, baby number 2, 2 under 2, pregnancy blog, scan photos, mommy blog, 14 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy cravings and aversions

The only aversion this pregnancy is nut butters... The smell turns my stomach and my husband has almond butter on toast. most mornings, its horrendous! Cravings have been pretty minimal this time around. I enjoyed spring rolls for a week or so but now I'm done with that ha. But I've been loving pickled onions, tomatoes, salads, ranch dip and crisps pretty consistently. Its been way easier to eat healthily this pregnancy and I've managed to keep my weight gain down. My pregnancy with Mina I think I gained 12lbs in the first trimester but this time only 5lbs. I'm so proud of myself and I'm feeling pretty motivated to start my work outs again in the morning and continue to eat pickled onions with every meal. 

I'm still in my jeans but only just! By the end of the day they do feel kinda tight especially with all the bloating I'm suffering with at the moment. I've ordered some new maternity jeans as I'm a little smaller this time around and my other jeans are too big (at the moment anyways)

So far so good, this pregnancy is going pretty smoothly and fast too. I'm so excited to give Mina a sibling, she is gonna love the baby so much I can already tell. She keeps patting my stomach which is v cute, obviously I know she has no idea whats going on but still cute!

Baby number 2 is due late July. My next appointment with my OB/GYN isn't for like 10 weeks now but when I see her we are going to discuss my plans for birth. I've already decided on a c-section though since I had to have an unplanned one with Mina. I just don't want to run that risk again. I know people have big opinions on planned c-sections but its a decision I've put a lot of thought into and I'm happy with that. We also have names picked out but I'm gonna keep quiet on those for now. 

Thanks so much for catching up on my first trimester. Leave a comment if you are due the same time as me, I would love to follow a long with your journey. I'm also gonna leave some links to my previous pregnancy updates.

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Love Sarah


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